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Conway Declares: Those Who Criticize Me Are ‘Unhappy People With Poison Keyboards’

Why exactly does it seem that everyone in the Trump administration is so easily upset by criticism? Could it be that they’re all just thin-skinned like the alleged president, or might it be because they hate that we’re wise to their lies, their endless spinning, and the flood of BS that flows like the Nile River from their mouths?

Senior White House adviser Kellyanne Conway is the latest Trumper to whine about those who say bad things about her, telling Politico:

“This is nothing I ever sought or expected. It’s not as if I said to my children, ‘Mommy is running for governor, or starring in a new film, so attention will intensify and the unhappy people with poison keyboards will get nastier.’”

Then again, Kellyanne, you did choose to become a public figure when you decided to become the campaign manager for a presidential candidate who cannot control his own hateful impulses. As Harry Truman once remarked, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

In the same Politico article, GOP strategist Rick Wilson, a longtime Trump critic, had this to say about those who have been lured into the Trump team:

“His minions become ancillary stars of the Real Housewives of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Donald Trump’s ego is this singularity, which draws everything into it. The demand for constant attention and media coverage has led people to focus on the minions in the same way.”

Whether you agree with Wilson or not, that’s a very astute observation with a great deal of validity to it.

Conway has brought the majority of the attention she labels as unwarranted on herself. With her constant lies–which she had the audacity to call “alternative facts”–on matters such as the fake Bowling Green Massacre or the size of the crowd at the Trump inauguration, this is a person who has basked in the spotlight. But when it’s accompanied by valid criticism, suddenly she lashes out at those who dare to report what she says.

It’s very simple, Kellyanne: Keep your mouth shut and no one will have ammunition to attack you with. But the second you start talking, you become fair game. Those are the rules of the road.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

3 replies on “Conway Declares: Those Who Criticize Me Are ‘Unhappy People With Poison Keyboards’”

The expression on her face tells me from where the poison springs. I would not trust her to fasten my shoes.

Drumpf, Spicer and this bitch from hell are the authors of every single piece of criticism they’ve received. “Alternate facts” my ass. They’re called LIES, you hatchet-faced bitch. How can you stand or sit there and be Drumpf’s vocal whore? Everything he has said abut women is insulting, demeaning and totally disrespectful. Women are only good for two things for the prick you whore for. Sex and baby machines. Equal partners? Not in his world. You won’t last his full term if it goes that far. He’ll fire you or you will quit because he has pushed you so far there’s no way back.

They feel they have to keep us down because we would take over, and be more successful. Male dominance by force is the only way they know, and of course they reinforce the idea by picking appropriate verses from the Old Testament.

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