GOP Ron DeSantis WTF?!

Conservatives Melt Down After Character On CBS Show Accuses Ron DeSantis Of Sexually Assaulting Him

Something very odd happened Thursday on the Paramount+ show “The Good Fight,” and it has led to an outpouring of anger and revulsion on social media.

According to Fox News:

The finale of the courtroom drama’s sixth and final season premiered on Thursday with the episode titled “The End of Everything.” In a clip widely shared online, the episode features the main character Diane Lockhart, played by Christine Baranski, meeting with Felix Staples, a flamboyant, gay provocateur who has made appearances in earlier seasons of the long-running show. In a conference room surrounded by lawyers, Staples claims that he was sexually assaulted by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who forced him to have oral sex following a CPAC conference while interning for his office. 

The accusation wasn’t left unchallenged, and it soon became clear that the Felix Staples character did indeed fabricate the entire story.

Diane immediately dismisses the accusation as politically motivated “bulls—” despite Staples claiming to have DNA proof. The lawyers spend the episode gathering evidence to expose Staples for lying. He eventually confesses to fabricating the allegations to tarnish the Florida governor’s reputation, because it will put former President Trump “ahead in the polling” in 2024’s presidential race.

Of course, had a show made the same joke about a well-known Democratic contender for the 2024 nomination, right-wingers would have delighted in the idea, probably promoting it online and trying to suggest it was true.

But since DeSantis was the recipient of the jab, conservatives had a full scale conniption fit online, suggesting that putting something like that in the script of a fictional show was a preemptive hit job on the Florida governor.

Ron DeSantis is a public figure and subject to ridicule, even if that ridicule is disgusting. Considering the horrific shit that has been said over the years about Bill and Hillary Clinton by the political right, conservatives really need to put their outrage in neutral and stop being such blatant hypocrites.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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