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Congressional Committees Preparing To Subpoena Source Of Infamous Trump ‘Pee Tape’

It was probably the most salacious detail to come out of the entire Trump-Russia probe: The accusation that Russian intelligence had a videotape of Donald Trump engaged in a highly unorthodox sex act with two prostitutes, the three engaged in what’s known as “golden showers.”

And now it appears that the infamous “pee tape” is about to be brought back to the forefront as at least two congressional committees prepare to subpoena the Russian businessman who was unwittingly responsible for the release of the Steele Dossier. That document was the source of the scandalous accusation regarding Trump’s behavior in a Moscow hotel room with the two call girls.

The Washington Post reports that Sergei Millian, the mysterious Russian businessman, also has a connection to Trump:

“At the time, little was known about Millian’s connection to the New York developer, other than the fact that he said he had sold units at a Trump property in Florida years ago.”

It won’t surprise you to know that when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, they refused to subpoena Millian. But the House is now in Democratic hands:

“The House and Senate intelligence committees have tried to interview Millian, according to people familiar with the panels’ work. Millian did not respond to the Senate committee, one person said. In a report issued last year, House Democrats said that Millian was unwilling to appear before their panel without being granted immunity and they called on Republicans to subpoena him. Now back in majority control, House Democrats said they plan to renew efforts to obtain his testimony.”

So if immunity is offered to Millian as part of the investigations being conducted now by multiple House committees — judiciary, intelligence — that means he would be willing to reveal what he knows about Trump and that scandalous videotape. He might even know where those committees can obtain a copy of the recording.

All along, Donald Trump was said to be the most enraged by the allegations of what he might have done in Moscow with those prostitutes. And now that same deed is about to be front-page news once again. We can probably expect more enraged tweets from the president that will only serve to make him look that much more guilty.

You can read highlights of the Steele Dossier at this link

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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