CNN Panel: Trump’s Tweets Prove He’s In A Self-Destructive, Downward Spiral (VIDEO)

Since coming back from his trip to the Middle East and Europe, President Trump has been tweeting at a frantic pace, and it all culminated with a bizarre tweet he sent out early Wednesday morning with a misspelled word:


He later deleted that tweet, but it, along with others he’s been posting since returning to the White House, is causing more than a bit of concern in Washington.

On CNN Wednesday morning, a panel concluded that Trump may be in the process of melting down mentally. Real Clear Politics editor A.B. Stoddard said the tweets prove the president feels isolated:

“He brings himself a world of hurt with these tweets. He is very self-destructive. The entire Comey firing showed it. He said it was because of the Rosenstein memo… He sent his spokesman out to say the same thing. He sent Vice President Mike Pence out to say the same thing. Then he told Lester Holt it was all about Russia…No one is able to stop him.”

Former Meet the Press host David Gregory noted that Trump’s recent tweets show:

“He is in the middle of the new round of ranting of press coverage and trying to distract from the investigation over Russia.”

Gregory then added that Trump’s social media postings often contradict statements from this White House press office, and that is eating away at what little credibility the administration may have left:

“What is unfortunate for Sean Spicer is the White House press secretary position under President Trump doesn’t have credibility. I’ve been in this job. I had interactions with press secretaries. I have a certain amount of sympathy for Sean Spicer. He has to do what his boss wants him to do. His boss is not truthful to the American people, nor are the people who work for President Trump.”

Let’s be brutally honest: This president is spiraling out of control and could get us into a war because of his mental instability and lack of self-control. He needs to be removed from office.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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