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CNN Host Fact Checks, Then SHUTS DOWN Trump Supporter For Her Lies (Video)

On CNN today, a supporter of Donald Trump attempted to defend the Donald for the millions of dollars he stole from hardworking people via Trump University. And she did so by using a tactic which is frequently employed by her boss: she just flat-out lied.

Gina Louden was the designated spokesperson for Trump, and when another guest said Trump U was a “fraudulent scheme,” Louden fired back with this:

“The Clinton Foundation hangs on more than 80 percent of the money that is raised.”

CNN host Carol Costello asked Louden:

“Where are you getting that figure?”

And that’s when you could tell Louden was just feeding the host a line of bull:

“It’s out there. It’s everywhere, you can google it yourself.”

Another guest, Democratic strategist Sally Kohn, noted:

“At what point does this not become okay? You can’t do that. This is a democracy, this is a civil society. We actually care about facts and information. And at what point in this crazy election does it become unacceptable to address real serious substantive concerns with your candidate by continuing to deflect and attack?

“At a certain point, we have to just call that. We have to say that’s not okay.”

Costello then said the segment was over because she was “uncomfortable” with Louden’s questionable comment.

Then, later in the hour, Costello came back on the air and announced this:

“Trump supporter Gina Louden said the Clinton Foundation — and I’m quoting here — keeps upward of 80 percent of the money raised. I promised to look into that number for you and my team has.”

The CNN host said that according to Politifact and, the 80 percent figure is total balderdash:

“80 percent number has been floated by many conservatives, but they may be referring only to the amount donated by the Clinton Foundation to outside charities.

“The bulk of the Clinton Foundation’s charitable work is actually performed in-house. And last year, one independent watchdog did an analysis of the foundation’s funding and found that 89 percent of its funding went to charity, earning it an ‘A’ rating.”

I hope we’ll be seeing more honest fact checking from the media in the months ahead. Donald Trump is a pathological liar, and the American people have a right to know how full of crap he truly is.

The segment from CNN can be seen right here:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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