CNN Host Confronts Trump Surrogate Over Lies In Biography (VIDEO)

Perhaps you’ve seen Pastor Mark Burns on the cable news channels, strongly defending his chosen candidate, Donald Trump, and declaring that Trump is God’s choice to be President. Such talk is patently absurd, but Burns is entitled to his opinion, as are we all.

But this morning on CNN, Burns got called out for being a blatant liar when it comes to the details of his biography by CNN host Victor Blackwell.

Burns claims that he earn a bachelor’s degree from North Greenville University and served six years in the Army Reserve. But the military has no record of him serving, and North Greenville University reports that Burns was a student for a grand total of one semester.

In a combative interview, Blackwell confronted Burns with these facts, and Burns immediately said he thought the entire discussion was off the record. Sure, Pastor Burns, that’s why they brought all of these video cameras and placed a microphone on you. Burns told Blackwell:

“This is not fair at all. I thought we were doing a profile and all of a sudden you’re here to try to destroy my character.”

Blackwell replied:

“I’m not here to destroy your character. These are claims that were made on your website that was live while you were speaking at the Republican National Convention.”

Burns then tried to claim that the website for his church which featured his bio must have been hacked and that would explain the lies about his life story.

Friday, before he sat down for the CNN interview, Burns released a statement in which he claimed:

“As a young man starting my church in Greenville, South Carolina, I overstated several details of my biography because I was worried I wouldn’t be taken seriously as a new pastor. This was wrong. I wasn’t truthful then and I have to take full responsibility for my actions.
“Since that time I should have taken steps to correct any misrepresentations of my background. We all make mistakes, and I hope that the measure of my character and the quality of my works speak for what kind of person I am.”

Character? You mean the character of a liar, Pastor Burns? If a man will lie about one thing, he’ll lie about anything else and therefore cannot be trusted. Like everyone Trump surrounds himself with or who serves as a surrogate for the Orange Menace, Mark Burns is a sham who is only interested in trying to lie his way to more power and money.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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