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CNN Host Asks Trump: Where’s The Evidence You Were Opposed To Iraq War? (Video)

If Donald Trump was thinking of using his supposed opposition to the Iraq War as a way of criticizing Hillary Clinton, he might want to rethink that strategy, as was proven earlier this morning when Trump appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

Tapper told Trump that he and the entire network “looked so long and hard for any evidence” of the presumptive GOP nominee saying he didn’t think the 2003 invasion which overthrew Saddam Hussein was a good idea. Four months ago, Trump had told the press he would prove he was opposed, but has yet to produce any evidence.

The CNN host also told Trump, who has an apparent pathological need to lie about everything:

“If there is evidence of you being against the war, strongly, before the war actually started, I would love to see it.”

Trump, attempting to maintain the fiction, assured Tapper:

“I think there is evidence, I’ll see if I can get it.”

Yeah, that’s what you said in February, Donald! There is no proof that you ever opposed the Iraq War until after the entire world realized it was a mistake and began to second-guess the military operation. But you were not prescient enough to figure that out ahead of time, because, quite frankly, you’re not all that intelligent in the first place.

Donald Trump may think he has lots of ammunition with which he will attempt to attack Hillary Clinton, but as she proved this week, she is the one with the upper hand in this ongoing debate. And when the two of them do actually debate face-to-face, she will wipe the floor with this buffoon.

If you’d like to see twenty minutes of one man repeatedly lying, here’s the full CNN interview with Trump:

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By Andrew Bradford

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