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Clinton Hits Trump Hard, Calls Him ‘Temperamentally Unfit’ To Be POTUS

In what was billed as a major foreign policy address before an audience of 250 invited guests in San Diego, Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton wasted no time painting presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump as unstable, dangerous, and a threat to the security of the entire world.

Clinton began by saying:

“Donald Trump’s ideas aren’t just different — they are dangerously incoherent. They’re not even really ideas — just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies.”

Then the former Secretary of State laid out the main thesis of her argument against Trump as Commander-in-Chief:

“He’s not just unprepared — he’s temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility.”

Clinton also warned that Trump is far too unstable to ever be given control of the most destructive weapons ever produced by man:

“This is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. We cannot put the safety of our children and grandchildren in Donald Trump’s hands. We cannot let him roll the dice with America.”

The general election which will be held in November, Clinton argued:

“Is a choice between a fearful America that is less secure and less engaged with the world, and a strong America that leads to keep us safe and our economy going.”

Those comments echoed remarks made yesterday by President Obama, who said at the Air Force Academy:

“As we navigate this complex world, America cannot shirk the mantle of leadership. We can’t be isolationist. It’s not possible in this globalized, interconnected world. In these uncertain times, it’s tempting sometimes to pull back and try to wash our hands of conflicts that seem intractable, let other countries fend for themselves. But history teaches us, from Pearl Harbor to 9/11, that oceans alone cannot protect us. We cannot turn inward.”

For his part, Trump remained the overgrown fifth grader, tweeting out this message after Clinton spoke:

Someone really needs to tell Trump that Clinton’s dog has more credibility and competence than he has ever possessed in his entire life. Also, he needs to learn how to spell. Note how he rendered the word teleprompter. Donald, not only are you an asshole, you’re also an ignorant asshole.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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