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Chachi Tweets Out Anti-Holocaust Slogan To Attack Nordstrom For Dropping Ivanka’s Clothes

Apparently the moronic lemmings who support Donald Trump and his spawn are still mighty ticked off that Nordstrom decided to drop all Ivanka Trump products from their stores. But rather than express themselves in rational, intelligent ways, they go on social media and make complete fools of themselves.

The latest member of the painfully clueless pro-Trump contingent is washed up actor Scott Baio, who tweeted this out over the weekend:

For starters, Chachi, no one gives a damn where you or your wife spend your money. If you want to boycott Nordstrom, I’m sure they’ll manage just fine without you and your Happy Days royalties.

But now let’s address the larger problem with this tweet, shall we? “Never again” is a slogan was first used by Jewish resistance fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto. It later became the official motto of the Jewish Defense League (JDL). To use it for something as trivial as a company that decided not to carry Ivanka Trump’s made in China crap because it’s not selling is not only offensive, it’s just downright insensitive.

“Never again,” as Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel one wrote, is much more than a slogan, however:

“It’s a prayer, a promise, a vow. There will never again be hatred, people say. Never again jail and torture. Never again the suffering of innocent people, or the shooting of starving, frightened, terrified children. And never again the glorification of base, ugly, dark violence. It’s a prayer.”

You just took something sacred, Chachi, and you turned it into a selfish gripe because you seem to have a pathological need to stick your nose as far up Donald Trump’s ass as possible. That’s not only disgusting, it’s pathetic.

Chachi, stick with being a no-talent actor. That’s the one and only thing you excel at.

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By Andrew Bradford

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