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Don Jr. Proves His Ignorance Of Mathematics When He Attempts To Attack Joe Biden’s Tax Plan

Donald Trump Jr. has never ever been very bright. He takes after his father in that regard, and, true to his name, he often speaks or tweets before engaging his tiny brain in any discernible manner.

But even for a low IQ poltroon like Junior — aka Traitor Tot — a tweet he sent out Wednesday on the issue of Joe Biden’s tax plan helps explain why exactly Junior is laughed at almost everywhere he goes:

Um…no. Not even remotely accurate.

If Don Jr. had taken 20 seconds to go over to the website for the Biden-Harris campaign, he could have easily found out that Biden only proposes raising taxes on those who earn over $400,000 a year or more. And God knows they can afford to fork over a little more, even if, in Junior’s case, it would mean he has to take one less trip a year to slaughter helpless animals just so he can pretend he the “superior” species.

But, as is usually the case, Junior couldn’t be bothered with any pesky facts when he’s in the middle of tweeting out his bullshit propaganda to help benefit his daddy, who makes sure his trust fund son has all the dough he needs to cheat on the mother of his five children and hang out with other spoiled brats who’ve never done an honest day’s work in their lives.

Twitter users fired back at Don Jr., and they couldn’t help but remind him that he’s certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer:

Maybe one day a Trump will exhibit proof of a functional brain.

Nah. Never gonna happen.

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How Trump And The GOP Stuck It To First Responders With Their Tax Scam Bill

Donald Trump campaigned as the candidate of “law and order,” and catered shamelessly to police officers and other first responders. But a section of the tax scam bill he just signed proves that he and the Republican party truly are liars and hypocrites.

The section of the bill in question allows wealthy corporate CEOs can deduct the cost of a private jet, but a police officer can no longer deduct the cost of his or her uniform. As David Cay Johnson of DC Reports notes in an article he wrote for Salon:

“Buried in the hastily drafted tax bill’s more than 500 pages are provisions eliminating “miscellaneous” deductions taken by almost 28 million taxpayers in 2015. Those are costs you bore to support your job or an investment you own or to pay a professional to prepare your income tax return.

This year cops and other first responders can write off the costs of buying uniforms and dry cleaning them. But in 2018, cops who buy their uniforms or are required to buy their own guns and ammunition will no longer be able to deduct those costs as reasonable and necessary expenses to support their earning a paycheck, thanks to Trump and Congressional Republicans.”

And that’s not all. The bill will also punish union members:

“Cops and anyone else who belongs to a union will no longer be allowed to deduct their union dues. People who must bear travel costs without reimbursement from their employers will just have to suck it up starting in January.”

So the only question that remains is this one that every cop in America should ask him or herself: Does Donald Trump really have my back, or is he just using me as a prop? The answer is obvious.

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Americans Hate The Trump Tax Bill, And Donnie Is FURIOUS! (TWEETS)

You’d think Donald Trump would be delighted that he finally managed to pass a piece of legislation — a massive tax cut for the richest 1 percent of Americans — but he isn’t. See, Donnie needs to be praised at all times, and since most Americans don’t care about his tax bill, he’s very angry, as Scott Dworkin reports:

Of course, if you go over to Trump’s Twitter feed, the tax cut is the greatest thing since sliced bread:

But take a look at the latest polling numbers regarding all those jobs, jobs, jobs Donnie is promising. According to NBC News:

“24 percent of Americans say that the Trump-backed tax plan is a good idea, versus 41 percent who believe it’s a bad idea.

“That’s an increase in unpopularity from October, when 35 percent said it was a bad idea, and 25 percent said it was a good idea.”

Damn, it’s not even close! 17 percent more of those polled think the tax plan is bad than think it’s good. That’s not an encouraging sign, especially for Congressional Republicans as they prepare for a midterm election in 2018. They’ve already pissed off millions of Americans by trying to take away their health insurance. And their leader, the Tangerine Shitgibbon, knows that if he loses control of Congress next year, he’ll be impeached.

But if you think a poll can adequately express just how much contempt and hatred there is for Trump and the tax scam bill, take a look at some of what’s been posted on Twitter today:

Wonder whose fault it’ll be when this tax plan wrecks the economy. Something tells me Trump will try to blame Obama and Hillary. Some things never change.

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GOP Tax Bill Is So Bad That Republicans Admit They’ll Need Another One To ‘Fix’ It

As a rule, when Congress writes and passes a piece of legislation, they try to work out any possible problems with the bill before they actually pass it. But when it comes to the GOP tax bill, it appears they’ll go full steam ahead, even though they realize there are major problems with the so-called “Tax Cut & Jobs Act.”

Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) the main author of the tax bill, admitted late last week that Congress will need to draft another bill in order to make “technical corrections” to the legislation:

“I can’t imagine any major undertaking like this that doesn’t require technical corrections in the future.”

Steven Rosenthal, a lawyer and tax expert who formerly worked for the congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, was blunt when asked about Brady’s comments:

“This legislation is tax policy malfeasance.”

Congressional Republicans are eager to get the tax bill passed as soon as possible, both because they’re desperate for a legislative victory and their majority in the Senate is about to shrink, as the Huffington Post notes:

“GOP lawmakers are enacting the tax bill itself through the budget reconciliation process, which means that it can pass with a simple majority and no threat of a filibuster ― an essential requirement for the Republicans, because they have only 52 seats in the Senate now and that drops to 51 once Doug Jones takes the Alabama seat now occupied by a Republican. But a bill fixing the tax legislation next year would not necessarily have the same advantage of the lower Senate vote threshold, meaning Republicans could need Senate Democrats to get it done.”

Brady, however, sounded optimistic that Democrats would come on board to help repair the tax bill in 2018:

“We can do even more to improve this tax code. I’m hopeful Democrats, who’ve always said they’re for tax reform but today are defending the status quo, I hope they rethink that and work with us to improve the code.”

Or they may just let the Republicans own the entire bill, flaws and all, and use it as a political cudgel in the midterm election.

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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asked Twitter For Reaction To Trump’s Tax Plan – That Was A BIG Mistake

For some strange reason, President Trump and members of his administration seem to have a bizarre need to take whatever happens to be wandering through their normally empty brains and splatter it all over social media. Twitter, of course, is Trump’s favorite medium, probably because it’s limited to 140 characters and that’s about as long as Donnie can manage to focus on anything.

This time, however, the West Wing culprit who got stomped down on Twitter is Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who posted this Sunday evening:

The way Trump is fond of insulting countries with nuclear weapons–i.e. North Korea–I’m guessing most of us would probably say the plans for our $4,000 (don’t hold your breath waiting for it to materialize) would be build a fallout shelter or book passage to a remote island as far away from the United States as possible.

But as many of us learned a long time ago, you need to be careful what you ask others to respond to on social media. Fortunately for us, Sanders is too brain-dead to know that, and the responses she got are freaking awesome. Take a look:

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