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WATCH: Racist Trumpkin Gets Publicly Shamed For Calling 5-Year-Old Girl A ‘Terrorist’

You’ve probably never heard of John Turano. He’s one of the many Trump-worshiping idiots who prowl the streets of this country and feel they have the right to scream whatever insult comes to mind, even if that invective is hurled at a child.

In the video below, which is going viral, a woman approaches three Trump supporters in Los Angeles and tells them:

“You called my 5-year-old cousin a terrorist.”

The woman, named Rawan, and her cousin, are Palestinian-American. To them, Turano replies:

“Looks like one. It doesn’t matter what age you are.”

Rawan then tells Turano:

“You’re calling a 5-year-old a terrorist.”

Turano’s smug, moronic daughter, Bianca responds:

“But this is America, we can say whatever we want. Freedom of speech.”

Later in the video, John Turano tells the woman and her little cousin to suck his dick as his equally disgusting daughter adds:

“You guys are terrorists, get out of here. If you hate America so much leave.”

A boy with Rawan and her cousin then shouts at Daddy Turano:

“I don’t hate America — I just hate [inaudible] fucks like you!”

Donald Trump has emboldened assholes like John and Bianca Turano. Trump has given them cover to be as offensive as they want because some of the neo-Nazis who marched in Charlottesville earlier this year are “very fine people,” according to the president.

Trump and many of his supporters are cancers on this country that need to be excised as soon as possible.

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Judge Slams The Brakes On Trump’s Pardon Of Joe Arpaio (DETAILS)

Seeing as how he knows virtually nothing about how the federal government works or the powers of the different branches–executive, judicial, and legislative–it may come as one hell of a surprise when President Trump learns that his pardon of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio is not as complete as he imagined.

Yes, Trump did indeed issue a full presidential pardon of Arpaio last Friday as Hurricane Harvey was bearing down on Texas, but the federal district judge who oversaw the trail of Arpaio on charges of criminal contempt on which Sheriff Joe was convicted is now refusing to vacate Arpaio’s conviction.

According to Arizona CentralJudge Susan Bolton:

“Bolton on Tuesday stopped short of throwing out the conviction based solely on Arpaio’s request. Instead she ordered Arpaio and the U.S. Department of Justice, which is prosecuting the case, to file briefs on why she should or shouldn’t grant Arpaio’s request.

“Arpaio’s attorneys asked Bolton on Monday to vacate Arpaio’s conviction in light of President Donald Trump’s Friday pardon.

“Bolton has scheduled oral arguments on the matter for Oct. 4, the day before Arpaio was supposed to be sentenced.”

In other words, Arpaio is far from being out of the woods because unlike Trump, a federal judge is allowed to interpret how the executive branch uses its powers and whether or not the president has acted within his rights under the United States Constitution. And should Judge Bolton refuse to vacate Arpaio’s sentence, he could well be headed to jail after all.

Here are some other crimes Arapaio needs to be charged and tried for:

  • Torturing inmates at his jail.
  • Forcing female inmates to give birth while shackled.
  • Refusing to investigate sex crimes against Hispanic children.
  • The death of 160 inmates at jails under the control of Arpaio and his deputies.
  • Involving himself in immigration matters, which are the sole responsibility of federal law enforcement.

Joe Arpaio is a sadist and a bigoted piece of amphibian shit who should be in federal prison for what remains of his miserable life. Maybe we can even get him a cell next door to Donald Trump’s.

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