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Former GOP Congressman Destroys Donald Trump Jr. For His Whining: ‘You’re Such A Punk!’

Donald Trump Jr., much like his father, loves to use Twitter to air his grievances, troll those he disagrees with, spread bogus conspiracy theories, and whine that conservatives are being discriminated against.

As you’d expect, Junior couldn’t help weighing in on the fact that Twitter dared to fact-check his daddy for spreading lies about voting by mail. Perhaps sensing that he needed to try and curry favor with the old man, Don Jr. posted this:

Since when is fact checking a bad thing? Doesn’t the president constantly complain about what he calls “fake news” being disseminated anytime a news organization runs a story about the administration or some possibly illegal act being committed by members of the Trump family? If the goal is to eliminate misinformation, then that standard should be applied to everyone universally, including a man who has told 16,000 lies since taking office four years ago.

Former GOP congressman Joe Walsh of Illinois read Junior’s tweet and countered him with the perfect response:

Game, set, and match Joe Walsh.

Yes, the entire Trump family is composed of punks. Whiny little children masquerading as adults. When they don’t get what they want, they pitch a fit rather than engage in reasoned debate on a topic. Or they dredge up some pathetic distraction (Look! A squirrel!!) to pull attention away from their own actions which have led to them being humiliated.

What Twitter did should have been done a long time ago. Quite frankly, they should have already shut down the president’s account for violating their terms of service, which he agreed to when he signed up.

Now President Trump is threatening to issue an executive order that will somehow punish social media platforms who dare to call him out for his bullshit. The order will be blatantly unconstitutional and likely won’t be upheld by any federal court. But the president will issue it just the same, and then pretend he somehow “won” the battle.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. will continue to be a pathetic little punk trying to gain the love of a man incapable of loving anyone but himself.

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WATCH Ana Navarro SHUT DOWN A Trump Surrogate For Refusing To Accept Facts

As President Trump’s poll numbers continue to crater, Republican supporters of the president are finding it difficult to defend him and his bizarre behavior.

Tuesday morning on CNN’s New Day, conservative Matt Schlapp was asked about a new poll showing Trump’s approval rating at 33 percent. But instead of responding, Schlapp said he would have to “check the poll,” and then started to question the “science” behind climate change and comparing it to the “science” of abortion. Host Chris Cuomo told Schlapp:

“I don’t see the legitimacy of your premise.”

That’s when Ana Navarro, who was also a guest for the segment, told Schlapp:

“You’re trying to make the segment about something that it isn’t even about.”

Navarro brought up the fact that only one-fourth of those surveyed in the latest CNN poll think Trump can be trusted, and she then told Schlapp:

“You’ve talked abortion, you tried to make it about science. It’s about the fact the president of the United States goes out and lies either by Twitter or in person daily. Last week he told us he had phone calls he did not have with people who did not call him on the phone! Who he claimed told him things they did not tell him! That is a lie! Some of you may choose to believe ‘alternate facts’ and live in another universe. Some of us choose to believe in a factual universe.”

Schlapp, realizing he had just lost the debate, whined:

“Don’t call people liars!”

That’s when Navarro shut down Schlapp by reminding him:

“But he lies! He is a compulsive, pathetic, daily, liar! … that’s the definition of a lie. It’s a good one. I think you show own it.”

Donald Trump is a pathological liar. We’ve known that for a long time. But it seems some of the more deluded Trumpkins are still living in a fantasy world where their orange savior can do no wrong. That’s the very definition of pathetic.

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Vets Annihilate Trump For His Attack On Military Record Of Dem Senator (TWEETS)

While on vacation at his golf club in New Jersey, President Trump woke up nice and early Monday morning and fired off several tweets, three of which were aimed at Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal, who has been a vocal critic of Trump and the president’s possible collusion with Russia:

Senator Blumenthal has apologized for claiming that he served on active duty in Vietnam, but he did serve in the Marine Corps Reserves from 1970-76.

Our illustrious Commander-in-Chief, on the other hand, was granted educational deferments while at Fordham University and the University of Pennsylvania. After he graduated, Trump was granted a medical disqualification for alleged bone spurs in his feet, even though no records exist to substantiate the claim.

The president’s vicious attack on Senator Blumenthal didn’t set well with veterans and their families, whom Trump has repeatedly said he “loves”:

Senator Blumenthal has also weighed in via Twitter, which we all know Trump closely monitors:

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WATCH Chris Cuomo SHUT DOWN A Missouri Republican Who Says Voter Fraud Is Rampant

To hear Republicans tell it, voter fraud is widespread and on the rise. But when you ask them for facts to prove their assertions, it soon becomes clear that their claims are nothing but hot air and lies designed to hide the fact that they want to keep people from voting.

Such was the case Wednesday morning on CNN when Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft said he would gladly be turning over voter data to President Trump’s recently formed commission on voter fraud. Ashcroft wasn’t prepared for host Chris Cuomo, who told him:

“There’s very little that the federal government could do and as you know, when you’ve gone around the state making the case for your efforts, you really only have one case that you can cite and that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to do better, but it does mean you shouldn’t blow the problem out of proportion. The president said there were 3 million illegal votes. There’s absolutely zero proof of that. Why waste time and money with a commission to look at fraud when you don’t have a major fraud issue?”

Ashcroft said he had uncovered more than one case of voter fraud in the past six months, but offered no proof of his assertion.

Later, Ashcroft tried to make it sound like he was merely doing his job:

“I think the people appointed me or elected me to do that and I’m going to do that. But I also think that any time elections are changed based on voter fraud that’s a problem. We’ve had that occur in Missouri. It’s been demonstrated. Secondly, I think we can both agree whether or not there is vote fraud, what amount it occurs in, has been something where there are smart, good people on both sides of the disagreement.”

But Cuomo shot him down on that point, too:

“This is not a 50/50 proposition where maybe it’s 3 million, maybe it isn’t. There are no numbers anywhere like that coming from anywhere that deserves respect, except the president’s mouth. He owned this as an explanation for the popular vote results and other than that, we know the studies, be you know them, you can’t substantiate the allegation with anything than the president’s own words.”

Reluctantly, Ashcroft admitted he has no evidence that would substantiate the president’s claim of 3 million people voting illegally in 2016.

Finally, Cuomo shut the door completely on Ashcroft by telling him:

“You don’t have the cases, you don’t have the proof. I’m not saying you don’t have any cases. I’m not saying you don’t have a problem. We all know every state has problems. But it’s not a widespread problem. It’s not something that you’re dealing with on a major scale. Isn’t that just the truth?”

Here’s another truth: Republicans don’t want people of color, the young, or anyone who doesn’t vote for the GOP to be able to cast a ballot. Their actions prove that time and time again.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo hammers Missouri Secretary of… by sarahburris

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WATCH Chuck Todd DESTROY Tom Price On The Subject Of Trump’s Hateful Tweets

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price was the guest on Meet the Press Sunday, and he got very defensive when host Chuck Todd dared to ask about President Trump’s incredibly hateful and sexists tweets which were aimed at MNSBC host Mika Brzezinski. Price told Todd:

“What I’m concentrated on is the job that [Trump’s] given me.”

So Todd tried a different approach, asking the HHS Secretary:

“If your son tweeted to a woman like that, what would you say to him?”

Again, Priced tried to dodge the question:

“The challenge that I’ve been given is to address the health care program. And your program, a program with the incredible history of Meet the Press, and that’s what you want to talk about?”

That’s when Chuck Todd resorted to what every Republican fears most: Facts. He told Price:

“All due respect, you’re blaming me for what the president of the United States has spent his entire week focused on?”

Price sniped back:

“No, listen to me. With all due respect, the American people are talking about a health care system that is not providing choices, where premiums are going up…that’s what I and the president are working on.”

Which led Todd to ask the logical follow-up question:

“Why isn’t the president as devoted to this as you are?”

To that, Price ridiculously replied:

“He can do more than one thing at a time.”

No, he can’t, and he proved that this week. This was supposed to be a week where the entire Republican party was focused on healthcare and trying to sell their crappy replacement for Obamacare. Instead, Trump chose to spend the week hurling personal insults at a cable news host. So much for taking the high road or doing more than one thing at a time.

The GOP needs to face the facts: This president is a failure, a train wreck, a daily embarrassment to them and the entire nation. With Independence Day just around the corner, isn’t it time Republicans cut their ties to this demented clown and declared their independence from his madness?

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