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Two-Thirds Of Republicans Say They Still Trust Donald Trump For ‘Medical Advice’

Just in case anyone has forgotten, a year ago, in April of 2020, former President Donald Trump suggested during a White House daily briefing on the coronavirus that an “injection” of disinfectant into the human body could help stop the deadly disease, remarking:

“I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? As you see, it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”

Yet despite this, a new poll shows that fully two-thirds of Republicans who still support the failed, one-term loser former POTUS would gladly take medical advice from Dr. Donald, even though the medical condition he likely has the most personal experience with is some form of a sexually transmitted disease.

According to Mediaite:

“After nearly three months out of office, former President Donald Trump still holds significant influence over Republican voters’ medical decisions — the same voters who are most likely to say they will not be vaccinated against the coronavirus.

“Trump was by far the least trusted among all respondents, at just 29 percent, including 6 percent of Democrats and 29 percent of Independents. But among Republicans, a whopping 66 percent said they trust Trump ‘a lot’ or ‘somewhat’ for medical advice.”

That same poll also shows that many Republicans don’t plan to ever receive a vaccine for COVID-19, which would seem to suggest there will soon be many fewer GOP voters. No wonder states like Georgia and Texas are busy trying to keep likely Democratic voters from casting a ballot. They know they’re outnumbered and can only win by cheating.

So where does this new poll leave us? Pretty much right back where we began when Trump first ran for the White House. Millions of Americans are willfully ignoring facts and the truth and choosing to take the advice of a man who lies more often than he breathes.

Thankfully, Donald Trump is no longer president. But his moronic influence on those who are easily deluded remains strong. That’s why we have to remain vigilant. And it’s also the perfect reason everyone that opposes Trump should get a COVID vaccine.


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Trump’s ‘Second-Term Project’: Slash Social Security To Pay For His Massive Tax Cuts

In just three and a half years, Donald Trump has managed to destroy nearly everything that it took decades to build in this country, and now it appears that he has even more dangerous ideas if he happens to win a second term in office.

Just recently, the New York Times reported that as a result of the GOP tax scam bill that cut taxes on the biggest corporations and richest Americans, the the federal budget deficit will surpass $1 trillion in 2020. That’s in addition to the $1 trillion the tax cut has already tacked onto the long-term national debt.

To alleviate the ballooning deficit and debt, right-wingers and conservatives are suggesting that massive cuts to social programs are needed, and they have specifically noted that Social Security and Medicare are ripe for the picking. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) informed the Times:

“We’ve brought it up with President Trump, who has talked about it being a second-term project.”

That matches reporting from the Washington Post, which also says Trump has big plans to slash the budget by going after the two main entitlements, Medicare and Social Security:

“Trump’s advisers say he will be better positioned to crack down on spending and shrink or eliminate certain agencies after next year, particularly if Republicans regain control of the House of Representatives.”

All of this is a dream come true for conservative and libertarian groups who for years have been urging that entitlements be cut to the bone, no matter the consequences for senior citizens or the disabled:

“Conservative groups—which largely supported Mr. Trump’s tax cuts—have pushed Congress to cut future deficits by reducing benefits for federal health care and retirement programs, like Medicare and Social Security. ‘Something must be done soon,’ the conservative advocacy group FreedomWorks said in a news release on Wednesday, ‘and that means taking a hard look at mandatory spending, the root cause of the United States’ fiscal woes.'”

The stakes in 2020 could not be clearer. If you value your future and the health and safety of tens of millions of your fellow Americans, the only sane choice is to vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is. This country will not survive a second Trump term and GOP control of Congress.

The only “second-term project” Trump deserves is one that boots him from the Oval Office and into a prison cell.

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WATCH Chris Cuomo SHUT DOWN A Trump Official For His Healthcare Double-Talk

Ever since the failure of the Senate to pass their cruel repeal and replacement bill for the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare), President Trump has been saying he’ll let the health insurance marketplace collapse and then Democrats will be forced to negotiate a solution.

But on CNN Wednesday morning, it quickly became clear that the White House may be attempting to hasten the failure of the current system so they can claim they were “right” all along.

Mick Mulvaney, director of the Office of Management and Budget, was being interviewed by host Chris Cuomo when Mulvaney said the administration would continue to pay insurance companies their reimbursements on a month-by-month basis. This is thought to be causing great instability in the insurance marketplace, which led Cuomo to ask:

“But aren’t you, then, holding those payments hostage and encouraging the insurers to do exactly what they’re doing, which is to say that they have to raise premiums because of the uncertainty? The exact same thing you say is the problem?”

Mulvaney commented that it seemed to him the media only wanted to have the same conversation over and over again, which led Cuomo to remind him:

“Yeah, because you’re dancing around the reality. They need those payments so they can stabilize the markets and you’re holding them hostage essentially putting people at risk.”

Attempting to pivot, Mulvaney then said the payments had been in place for years and the market had yet to stabilize. To that, Cuomo laid some cold hard facts on the budget director:

“Not all markets are unstable.”

Next, Mulvaney attempted to suggest that the only real way to stabilize the health insurance market would be to repeal and replace the existing system. Once more, Cuomo used facts to shut down that line:

“The CBO said that every one of your suggestions made it worse. Every single one, the CBO said. And your reaction to that was to try and dismantle the CBO.”

All Mulvaney could say in response was the usual trashing of the CBO and the scoring process for legislation the CBO uses. In other words, shoot the messenger if you don’t like the message.

This White House has no solution to any problem. To hear them tell it, they have to destroy Obamacare in order to save it. Sounds like more of the same old BS.

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Tomi Lahren Tries To Criticize Obamacare, Winds Up Proving Her Own Hypocrisy (TWEETS)

According to many conservatives, the Affordable Care Act–aka Obamacare–is the worst thing to ever happen to this country. They love to rail against a program which has allowed tens of millions of people to purchase health insurance and helped guarantee that getting decent healthcare doesn’t cost a fortune.

And yet, when confronted with facts, those same people are often forced to admit that Obamacare is actually a good thing.

Such was the case Saturday evening when former talk show host Chelsea Handler debated right-wing loudmouth Tomi Lahren. Handler asked Lahren about her own situation when it came to health insurance, and Lahren replied:

“Well, I’m on my parents health insurance…I’m 24.”

Of course, the only reason Lahren is allowed to remain in her parents insurance is because of a provision in the Affordable Care Act which says children can do so until age 26.

No sooner had those words left Lahren’s big mouth than the internet lit up with plenty of criticism for her:

Yeah, Tomi, those leeches who are getting health insurance without paying for it are a real problem, aren’t they. That damn Obamacare is such a mess! Then why don’t you refuse to participate in protest? Oh, I know why: Because you’re far too busy being a hypocrite. Also, you might want to see a doctor about that foot that’s stuck in your mouth.

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WATCH The Whiny ‘Fox & Friends’ Hosts Gripe About The Failure To Repeal Obamacare

The airheads at the Fox News show Fox & Friends were in a deep funk Friday morning as they reported on the failure of the GOP-controlled Senate to pass a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. But as soon as they started talking, it became painfully clear that they didn’t understand a damn thing about insurance.

Co-host Steve Doocy, a somber look on his face, declared:

“You heard Chuck Schumer say we are not celebrating, yet you see some of the images out of Capitol Hill last night, in the middle of the night, people were taking selfies — a lot of happy faces. Elizabeth Warren outside taking selfies with supporters.”

Was that anything at all like the big photo-op President Trump had in the Rose Garden when the House finally managed to pass the Trumpcare bill back in May, Steve?

Next, Brian Kilmeade decided to take a cheap shot at younger Americans:

“I laugh, too, that these young people are out there celebrating. Congratulations, you now will pay a fine or you have to have insurance. Congratulations, the healthy people are paying for the sick people.”

And finally, co-host Ainsley Earhardt chimed in:

“Congratulations, because now people who need healthcare can’t afford it because these premiums are astronomical.”

Earhardt’s point is moot because she doesn’t give a damn about people having to pay more for insurance. But with his comments, Kilmeade proved he doesn’t even understand the basics of insurance. Twitter gave him hell for his lack of comprehension, and it was well deserved. First, however, here’s the sullen Fox News boneheads:

Oh, and as for the idea that one should never take selfies when happy, the Foxers need look no further than themselves:

I often wonder: Is it the least bit painful to be as brainwashed and ignorant as the Fox News hosts and the people who watch them?

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