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Carly Fiorina’s New VP Website Redirects To The Perfect Example Of Karma

First Carly Fiorina tried to win a Senate race and lost badly to Barbara Boxer. Then she ran for the GOP nomination and failed miserably. And yesterday Ted Cruz announced her as his pick for Vice President, even though he has as much chance of being the 2016 nominee as my dog. Clearly, Ms. Fiorina just cannot win for losing. Considering how much Carly lies and loves to deal in falsehoods, it seems only fitting that what has happened with her new VP website was revealed on the very same day she stood with Teddy Boy and pretended to have a chance in hell of ever being elected.

Direct your web browser over to, and instead of a page loading for Fiorina, you are redirected to the donations page for Planned Parenthood, which Fiorina hates with a passion.

No doubt you recall that as she slogged her way through her pathetic attempt to gain votes in the GOP primaries, Fiorina said she’d seen videos of live fetuses on tables with Planned Parenthood doctors saying they had to harvest the brain of the unborn child. She could never produce these videos, but she continually insisted she had seen one that showed the horrific scene.

And now karma has grabbed ahold of Carly Fiorina and provided an important lesson for her and other right-wing extremists who want to try and control the reproductive freedom of women across the country. Planned Parenthood provides important healthcare services to millions of women annually, but to hear Fiorina and Cruz tell it, they just want to try and sell body parts from aborted fetuses. Again, they have no proof of this, but who needs proof when you’re engaged in propaganda?

So, Carly, how about we all head on over to your website and donate some money to Planned Parenthood? Something tells me its money well spent, especially if it helps show you how much we all dislike you and the asshat you’ve just yoked yourself to.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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