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Candace Owens Claims In-Person Learning Teaches American Kids To Hate White People

You’ve probably seen Candace Owens on various Fox News programs or run across her moronic postings on social media. She’s also a strong proponent of the so-called Blexit movement, which urges African-Americans and other people of color to leave the Democratic Party and pledge their allegiance to Republicans, even though doing so would not be the least bit beneficial to black or brown people.

Now, however, Owens is trying to suggest that coronavirus is a blessing because in-person learning is worthless and only serves to make American children into voters who are anti-white.

During an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, host Maria Bartiromo was speaking with Owens and declared:

“They’re assuming every [white] kid is a racist, Candace.”

That was all the prompting Owens needed to send her off on a fact-free rant:

“I know that Megyn Kelly pulled her kids from school for similar reason. I truly believe that it’s time for us to pull our kids out of school. And I know people say, ‘Not all of us can afford to do that,’ but the country wasn’t built on people having a lot of money when they were homeschooling.”

And what about parents who work away from home and cannot be there to homeschool their children? What are they supposed to do? Quit their jobs and become homeschool instructors? Clearly, as with most things she pontificates on, Owens hasn’t bothered to actually do any thinking on the issue.

From there, Owens then raised the specter of Marxism, though she’s probably never read a damn thing Karl Marx wrote:

“It’s indoctrination that’s happening. They’re trying to fuel racism in this country. They’re trying to teach this Marxist ideology. And the bad thing is, Maria, that they’re replacing hard academics. These kids are not learning science, they’re not learning mathematics, they’re learning how to hate white people and they’re learning how to hate their country.”

If that wasn’t bad enough, Owens also suggested suing every public school in the United States. Oddly, she never made that statement when Betsy DeVos was Secretary of Education. That alone proves just how completely full of shit Candace Owens is, and how desperate she is to be in the spotlight now that her savior, Donald Trump, has been sent into retirement and is likely facing criminal indictment in the weeks ahead.

But by all means, sue your kid’s school. Then send the legal bills to Candace Owens and see if she’s willing to pay them. After all, it was her stupid idea.

Here’s Candace Owens on Fox News:


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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