Immigration The Karma Is Gonna Get Ya

California Minister Who Supported Trump Now Faces Deportation

Jorge Ramirez is a minister in Oceanside, California, who ardently supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. He even convinced his daughter to vote for Trump. But now it turns out that decision may come back to haunt the Ramirez family in a horrible way.

The problem? Jorge Ramirez is an undocumented immigrant, and now he’s facing deportation.

In May, Ramirez was arrested by Border Patrol cops and placed in a detention facility. And there’s a good chance he’ll soon be separated from his family permanently.

Ramirez said he feels betrayed by Trump, who promised not to go after law-abiding immigrants:

“Trump said, ‘Let’s keep all the good people here and all the bad people out. That’s great, but I’m here. If I’m here, anybody can be here. I’m not saying I’m the best person in the world, but I’ve tried to live a good life.”

Like millions of Americans, Ramirez believed the president’s many lies, and now he’s facing the harsh consequences of his decision. Though he was unable to vote for Trump, his daughter did, and her vote may have contributed to getting her father deported.

Incredibly, despite that fact that the president’s policies may get him kicked out of the United States, Ramirez said he still supports Trump and considers himself a Republican:

“Everything that he’s said against immigrants — it’s not that I’m in favor, but bad people don’t belong here. In order to make America great, you have to have people contributing to this country.

“I’m USA all the way. It’s that American spirit. It just gets into you.”

But as Ramirez is discovering, karma can sometimes be a very cruel thing.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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