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BUSTED: Trump Used Charity Money To Purchase Football Memorabilia

In the latest example of Donald Trump proving to the entire world what a massive and complete douchebag he is and always will be, the Washington Post is reporting this morning that Trump used money donated to charity so he could purchase a football helmet that had been autographed by former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. In doing so, he also directly violated IRS rules for charities.

Here’s how the entire thing happened: Four years ago, at a charity fundraiser held in Palm Beach, Trump got into a bidding war during a live auction. The items Trump was bidding on? A Denver Broncos helmet, autographed by Tim Tebow, along with a Tebow jersey.

But it turns out that the Donald did not giveth at all. Instead, the Susan G. Komen organization — the breast-cancer nonprofit that hosted the party — received a $12,000 check from another nonprofit,  the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

So Trump used other people’s money–given to his foundation, of which he is the president–to buy a football helmet for $12,000. Should Trump try to claim the money in the foundation was his, he would be lying because at the time of the auction, Trump had given exactly none of his own money to the foundation for three years running.

Three experts on tax law told the Post that Trump had violated IRS rules against “self-dealing.” These rules are in the tax code to keep nonprofit officials from using their charities to help or enrich themselves.

Additionally, Trump, in a tax statement made in 2012, failed to mention the violation. In 2012, the tax return for Trump’s foundation checked the boxes for “no,” that it had not broken the self-dealing rule. That veracity of that tax return was signed with the realization that to lie on it would be perjury, which is punishable by federal law.

Where is the Tim Tebow helmet in question today? The Trump Foundation won’t say, and Trump has declined comment, too. But it should be noted that this so-called “great businessman” spent $12,000 for a helmet which is currently worth $415 online. So much for “the art of the deal.”

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By Andrew Bradford

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