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BUSTED: New Photo Appears To Provide Proof That Trump Wears Lifts In His Shoes

This has been a very bad week for Donald Trump, and as is usually the case, he has no one to blame but himself and his enormous vanity.

When he was visiting Texas on Wednesday, photos clearly showed that the president (or someone who works for him) had done a terrible job with his makeup, which only drew more attention to the fact that a 74-year-old man feels a need to wear makeup in the first place:

And now we have new photographic evidence from an interview Trump gave to Chris Wallace several days ago. One sharp-eyed person on Twitter took a close look at video of that interview and caught what appears to be evidence that the president does indeed wear lifts in his shoes to make him appear taller than he actually is. Take a look:

Why is the back half of Trump’s foot almost all the way out of his shoe? Very possibly because the lifts he wears elevates the foot in back and pushes it away from the shoe itself. Here’s another view:

And yes, that would also explain why Trump appears to be leaning forward when he stands. He is going forward; the lifts make him:

Donald Trump is incredibly insecure, and for good reason. He’s not capable of doing anything well other than boasting, lying, and insulting others to make himself feel less inadequate. In other words, he’s insecure about his height, which might be 6-1, but isn’t the 6-3 he claims. Again, pictures provide the evidence:

Little by little, all of Donald Trump’s secrets are coming to light. And that’s got to be a big worry for him, especially since he knows he has no accomplishments whatsoever that he can run on.

It’s no wonder this guy is such a miserable failure. After all, his entire life is a lie.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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