BREAKING: Insiders Say Trump Campaign Staff Is ‘Suicidal,’ Ready To Give Up

As has long been predicted, the Donald Trump for President campaign is now in full implosion mode. Even the staff has given up, and according to CNBC’s John Harwood, are even “suicidal”:

And that report was then confirmed by two others:

Campaign manager Paul Manafort, as you would expect, denied the veracity of the three reports, telling Howard Fineman of the Huffington Post that all was great in Trump World:

The days since Trump began criticizing a Gold Star family who spoke at the Democratic National Convention have not been good ones for the candidate or his campaign. Various polls show Trump now behind Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton by as much as 15 points. If this continues, Trump could indeed lose by one of the largest margins in American electoral history.

The campaign staff, while despondent and fearful for what the future holds, should cut their losses and get out while they can. I’ve worked on enough campaigns over the past 20 years to know that sometimes you have to walk away when the candidate refuses to heed your advice.

Donald Trump is toxic. He spreads his virus of hate and bile everywhere he goes. But if his ship continues to sink, those aboard would be wise to grab a lifeboat and paddle for shore. Otherwise, they are just as guilty as Trump is for this monstrosity he calls a Presidential campaign.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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