BREAKING: House Dems Release Email Showing The SNEAKY CRAP Colin Powell Told Clinton To Do

Thanks to Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, we now have clear and undeniable proof that former Secretary of State Colin Powell did indeed use a non-secure email account while at the State Department, and encouraged Hillary Clinton to do the same. Specifically, Powell told Clinton via email:

“What I did do was have a personal computer that was hooked up to a private phone line (sounds ancient). So I could communicate with a wide range of friends directly without it going through the State Department on their personal email accounts. I did the same thing on the road in hotels.”

Yet Powell has said he never told Clinton to use non-State Department computers, and a statement was released in his name last month stating:

“General Powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. He did write former Secretary Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the State Department. At the time there was no equivalent system within the Department. He used a secure State computer on his desk to manage classified information.”

Rep. Elijah Cummings, the top Democrat on the Oversight Committee said this of the emails from Powell to Clinton:

“(It) shows that Secretary Powell advised Secretary Clinton with a detailed blueprint on how to skirt security rules and bypass requirements to preserve federal records, although Secretary Clinton has made clear that she did not rely on this advice.”

Cummings added that he and the other Democrats on the committee felt it was their duty to release the emails from Powell as a way of showing the double standard which exists among Republicans who have been hectoring Clinton over her use of a private email server. And he also commented he would not have felt a need to call out Powell in this way had he thought “they (GOP members of the House Oversight Committee) would be attempting to recover Secretary Powell’s emails from AOL, but they have taken no steps to do so despite the fact that this period-including the run-up to the Iraq War-was critical to our nation’s history.”

Perhaps the entire matter is best summed up by this posting on Twitter which landed shortly after the Powell emails to Clinton were made public:

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