Body Language Expert: Trump’s Creepy Lurking At Debate Is A ‘Pre-Assault Indicator’

One of the most disturbing things Donald Trump did at last night’s debate had nothing to do with what he said or the way he attempted to control the tenor of the discussion. It was the way he continually lurked behind Hillary Clinton as she was responding to questions from members of the audience. Twitter lit up with comments from viewers who didn’t care for the way Trump kept trying to get into Clinton’s personal space:

But Trump’s bizarre lurking has a deeper meaning according to body language expert Janine Driver, whos is a former investigator with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. And it was in response to what Driver calls Clinton’s “power move.” Driver explained:

“Look at what happens, Hillary is going to his side of the stage. She’s standing in front of him — what’s he going to do? Sit down? Go to her seat? That’s her power move.”

Driver added that Clinton used the tactic of standing in front of Trump to prevent him from interrupting her as she spoke. But Trump’s pacing and standing behind Clinton is also a “pre-assault indicator,” Driver noted:

“So at some parts of watching last night, I was really getting nervous. Because she was in his space. He’s like a dog who’s starting to get anxious, he’s being backed in a corner. So I had a little anxiety during these moments.”

Trump, as we learned last week, is no stranger to assaulting a woman. He admitted on video that he often kisses attractive women against their will and is fond of grabbing their genitals because he knows he can get away with it since he’s famous. He is a steaming stack of feces, and he must be defeated decisively on November 8.

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By Andrew Bradford

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