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Birther Boomerang: Report Claims Trump Was Born In Pakistan, Ineligible To Be POTUS

If there’s one thing we know with absolutely certainty about Donald Trump, it’s that he absolutely loves conspiracy theories, many of which he enjoys trying to help spread. And perhaps the most pernicious and disgusting of them all is the one which goes like this: President Obama wasn’t really born in the United States, isn’t actually an American citizen, and is therefore completely ineligible to be the President.

Now, in one of the most gratifying cases of karma we’ve seen in decades, a report is circulating which says it’s actually Trump who was born elsewhere. Specifically, in Pakistan.

The Times of Israel is running a story this morning which makes reference to a piece broadcast a few months ago on  Neo News, an Urdu-language network based in Pakistan, says Trump was born in Pakistan under the name Dawood Ibrahim Khan. The network also alleges that Trump’s parents perished tragically in a car accident which led to the child being sent to live in London. Later, the child was brought to the United States and legally adopted by the Trump family.

Conspiracy theory? Yes, and Metro news has classified it as such, which makes it all the more odd that the Times of Israel would lend credence to such a report by repeating the allegation and even saying the photos of Trump side by side with those of a child who is supposedly Trump as a baby are the proof.

But perhaps what is most enjoyable about this bizarre story is that Trump himself should be the subject of such a charge. Let’s not forget that in addition to questioning the citizenship of President Obama, Trump also accused GOP rival Ted Cruz of being a Canadian citizen who should not be allowed to run as a candidate for the highest office in the land.

Looks like karma has come boomeranging back on Donnie Boy in a major way. So, Mr. President-elect, when do we get to see your long-form birth certificate? And can you prove it’s valid?

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By Andrew Bradford

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