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Biography Reveals That Trump Threw Rocks At Infants When He Was A Child

It’s a question that’s been pondered for ages: Do we change as we mature? Or are we destined to remain the same people we were when young?

When it comes to Donald Trump, it would seem that he hasn’t changed at all since childhood.

A new, updated biography compiled by The Washington Post contains dozens of interviews with people who knew Trump as a child, and they all say the same thing: Donald Trump is the same as he was when he was seven.

Trump was born in 1946, the fourth of five children, and his father, Fred, was already an up and coming property owner known for being ruthless when it came to business.

The family lived in a 23-room mansion in Queens, and owned two Cadillacs. They were also somewhat distant from their neighbors.

Young Donald was recalled as a bully even as a child. When a ball bounced into the Trump family garden, Donnie threatened to tell both his father and the police.

And Donald was also a cruel child, according to Dennis Burnham, who lived next door. Burnham, who was a toddler at the time, was placed in a playpen in the garden by his mother. Within moments, young Donald Trump (4 or 5 at the time) was observed standing at the fence and throwing rocks at Baby Dennis. Burnham’s mother later told her son to “stay away from the Trumps” for fear he might be beaten up by the a bullying Donald.

Another local child, Steven Nachtigall, said he never forgot Trump, who he called a ‘loudmouth bully’, once jumping off his bike and beating another boy.

The disturbing image remained in his brain decades later, he said, because “it was so unusual and terrifying at that age.”

Trump has even admitted that he was a troublemaker in school, commenting:

“I liked to stir things up and I liked to test people,. It wasn’t malicious so much as it was aggressive.”

Maliciousness would come later in Trump’s life, especially in the business world and his marriages.

All of this begs the question: Has Donald Trump actually grown or matured over the course of his life? Hardly. If anything, he’s gotten meaner, more spiteful, and more determined to attack those who dare to cross him.

Aristotle once wrote:

“Give me the child until he’s seven and I will show you the man.”

Never has that been more true than when applied to Donald Trump.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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I knew Donald was asshole and a bully he doesj alots of talking but he is a coward. I wish someone would beat the hell out of him i can’t stand him, when he open his mouth you no he are going to lie lol

Mental illness is a serious challenge in our modern world. Millions of people do not have the ability to lead a “normal” life (as modern scientists define it). When a challenged individual reaches a position of authority, it can be catastrophic. We all are witnessing a mentally challenged individual; and let’s hope that he does as little harm as possible.

We are all products of nature AND nurture. We have choices but choices depend on events and intelligence interacting with another. If he had had the benefit of family therapy, especially when young, he might have had a chance to be a human being. Unfortunately, we have a classic case of identification with the aggressor (to wit his father).

Sounds to me like his childhood development either stopped suddenly in childhood or zero development took place. He doesn’t read and when he does he can’t read for long periods. Watches Television. Watches the shows is the bulk of his education. Doesn’t write. Has a ghost writer write his books. Does not respect women. A sexual assaulter of women. Lies a lot. Has everyone convinced he is smart and successful. Doesn’t pay his bills and loses money running casinos. He has no command of the English language. Repeats words and phrases two and three times as if he were trying to carry a long conversation. Believes if he lies enough his lies become truth. Admires strong dominant figures like the mafia he purchased concrete from. Likes tyrants as Putin Hitler Durante. Is a white supremist Nazi and KKK loving xenophobic.

Not the best traits for anyone to have, not to.mention President..not such a good example for our kids

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