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Bigoted Bannon Declares, Suppressing Black Voters Is ‘Not A Bad Thing’

The more we learn about chief counselor Steve Bannon, the more apparent it becomes that he is a monumental douchebag and racist asshat.

The New York Times reports this morning that it spoke with Julia Jones, who was co-writer with Bannon on the Reagan documentary In the Face of Evil. Jones says Bannon once commented that it wouldn’t be such a terrible thing to limit the right of African-Americans to vote.

Specifically, Jones recalled Bannon telling her that changing the laws so that only property owners would be allowed to vote might just be something the country should consider:

“I said, ‘That would exclude a lot of African-Americans.’ He said, ‘Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.’ I said, ‘But what about [Bannon’s black executive assistant] Wendy?’ He said, ‘She’s different. She’s family.’”

Bannon, according to Jones, was also fond of talking about the “genetic superiority” of some people, though he didn’t specifically say that whites were superior to other races.

These are just the latest racist comments attributed to Bannon. His ex-wife also said in a sworn deposition that Bannon once told her he didn’t want his daughters attending school with Jews, whom he accused of being “whiny.”

Bannon was also the CEO of the infamous right-wing website Breitbart, which has repeatedly posted articles which traffic in anti-Semitism, sexism, racism, and slurs against President Obama.

Steve Bannon is a cancer and a hero to the alt-right/neo-Nazi/KKK wing of the Republican Party which is enjoying a renaissance under the rise of Donald Trump. The very thought that Bannon will have an office right next door to the Oval Office is not only frightening, it’s an insult to everything the White House and the presidency represent.

Thanks to Bannon and other extremists, we can expect four long years of hatred against all non-white heterosexual Christians. So much for a nation of tolerance and openness.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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