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Biden Supremely Trolls Trump By Using The Donald’s Favorite Line Of Attack Against Him

Donald Trump loves to call Joe Biden “sleepy” and accuse the former vice president of not being physically or mentally up to the job of being president, even though it’s Trump who repeatedly looks tired, confused, and utterly spent, unable to even walk down a mildly sloping ramp.

But Biden has turned the tables on Trump and is using the president’s own line of attack against him, trolling the incumbent masterfully during an interview with a local TV station in North Carolina:

“Look at him. I’m not the guy who by the way said the problem with the Revolutionary War is we didn’t have enough airports. I’m not the guy who said the attack that took down the trade towers was on 7-Eleven.”

Biden added that it was Trump who suggested injecting bleach to treat coronavirus:

“I do know the difference between truth and lies, between good and bad, between hope and fear. So just watch me and make your decision.”

Unlike Trump, Biden has said questions about age and health are “legitimate” for candidates over the age of 70, which applies to both him and the president.

The former VP also said he’s ready for the final stage of the 2020 race for the White House, noting:

“I’m an old athlete, and I’m used to dealing with bullies. What I’m going to do is insist that we talk about the president’s failures. He’s going to want to make it personal. He’s going to want to get in the mosh pit. I’m going to talk about why I want to be president of the United States, what I’m going to do, and where he’s failed.”

Trump’s failures are too numerous to fully list, but they include an American death toll from COVID-19 of 200,000 and rising, with thousands of new deaths each and every day. The economy is also in a deep recession and at least 30 million American workers are without a job. Not to mention the way Trump has repeatedly failed to address the issues of racial discrimination and inequality.

If Trump plans to run on his record or his meager accomplishments over the past four years, he’s going to have to do the only thing he’s ever been any good at: Lying.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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