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Ben Carson On Donald Trump’s Mistreatment Of Women: ‘I Do Not Judge’ (Video)

If there’s one thing right-wing Christian conservatives seem to specialize in, it’s hypocrisy. They love to say how evil and godless their opponents are, but when it comes to a member of their own political persuasion, the preach tolerance and forgiveness.

Such was the case with failed GOP candidate Ben Carson, who showed up Sunday morning on the Fox News show “Fox and Friends.” Carson was immediately asked this by host Tucker Carlson:

“They have been making the case for months that Donald Trump is a sexist. As a Christian, are you comfortable with the way Donald Trump behaves with women?”

Carson’s reply shows that he’s quite obviously praying for a prime spot in a Trump Administration:

“So as a Christian, what I do do is not judge everybody,. And that seems to be something that a lot of people have got into. ‘I’m better than you are.’ Give me a break. Let’s just stop for a moment.

“And I’m talking to conservatives. Let’s consider where we are as a nation and what we have to do. What your feelings are personally about a person is irrelevant. What we need to be talking about your children and your grandchildren’s future. Think about that.”

And then Carson went off on an odd anti-media tack, saying the media in America had abused their protections and were no longer “on the side of the people.” He then added:

“That has been distorted, and you see what the result is. I call upon young journalists to reject those people who are training them to be dishonest.”

Hmm…is that so, Dr. Carson? Because I trained to be a journalist and have a degree in the field, and the only distortion or dishonesty I see lies in your attempt to sweep Trump’s boorish behavior under the proverbial rug.

Here’s Dr. Carson doing his hypocrite routine on Fox News:

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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