Coronavirus WTF?!

Arizona Republican Asks Why We Need Masks For COVID Since We Didn’t During The AIDS Crisis

It has been proven on more occasions than can be counted that a majority of Republicans don’t appreciate, like, or accept the basics of science and medicine, probably because those two disciplines are based on facts and logic.

One of the main reasons we’re in the COVID mess we’re in as a country (leading the world in number of cases and total deaths) is because our failed, one-term former president chose to listen to idiots instead of experts when it came to fighting the virus that has so far claimed the lives of 523,000 Americans.

But if you thought you’d heard all the jaw-dropping remarks from members of the GOP that make both your head and your teeth hurt, consider Joseph Chaplik, a member of the Arizona legislature who (you guessed it!) just so happens to be a card-carrying Republican and a complete imbecile.

During a debate on mask wearing to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Chaplik had this to say:

“HIV, that was going to wipe our global destruction of human bodies with AIDS. We heard about that in the ’80s. Yet no masks were required.”

For the brain dead (i.e. Republicans and their ilk) in the audience, AIDS is caused by the sharing of bodily fluids such as via sex or sharing hypodermic needles. A mask wouldn’t do any good in combating spread of the disease. If Joseph Chaplik had a single brain cell in his skull, he’d know that.

Chaplik and others like him should indeed stop wearing their masks when they go out in public. Maybe that way we can thin the herd and rid ourselves of these morons.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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