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Anti-Abortion Activist Tells House Committee Electricity In DC Comes From ‘Burning Fetuses’

At a hearing of the House Judiciary Committee this week, an anti-abortion activist told members of the panel that electric power in Washington, D.C. is provided by burning aborted fetuses.

Mediaite notes:

Catherine Glenn Foster, who is the president and CEO of Americans United for Life, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday. She spoke out forcefully and at times graphically about abortion. At one point she claimed discarded fetuses help power Washington, D.C.:

“Abortion activism always requires euphemism and misdirection. Why? Because of the violent nature of abortion. Because it is, frankly, inconvenient. Human persons, from their earliest, days poisoned in the womb and dismembered, torn limb from limb, bodies thrown in medical waste bins and – in places like Washington, D.C. – burned to power the lights of the city’s homes and streets.

“Let that image sink in with you for a moment. The next time you turn on the light, think of the incinerators, think about what we’re doing to ourselves so callously and so numbly.”

Where did Foster get such an absurd conspiracy theory? HuffPost reports it likely came from rumors that medical waste is often incinerated:

While some states, like Indiana, require aborted fetuses to be buried or cremated in a funeral home, they’re disposed of as medical waste in the nation’s capital.

That has led anti-choice activists to accuse Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, the largest medical waste incinerator in the country, of transporting and incinerating fetuses to generate energy. Recently, an anti-abortion activist found with the remains of five fetuses in her apartment claimed that she and a colleague had obtained them from a Curtis Bay worker. The company denied the claim, saying company policy prohibits it from transporting fetal remains.

If indeed the Supreme Court does overturn Roe v. Wade and criminalize the right of women to make their own reproductive choices, how many unwanted orphans will Catherine Glenn Foster be willing to adopt?

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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