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Ann Coulter Just Tweeted Something Too STUPID Even For Her! (TWEET)

If you missed Donald Trump’s address on his immigration policy last night, you actually missed very little. It was more of the same crap that he’s been spewing for over a year now: Wall, deportations, Mexico, blah blah blah. Apparently he was trying to consolidate his base of support, because he sure as hell didn’t do any reaching out with his remarks. Quite frankly, the speech was boring and most it was delivered in a shout, which grows old after about five minutes.

One person who practically swooned over the Orange Menace’s speech was Ann Coulter, who I’m quite convinced would love nothing more than to spend a few nights with Trump and give birth to some of his Satan spawn. She took to Twitter and had this to say:

Yep, this moron of a right-wing commentator actually compared Trump to Winston Churchill. Guess she forgot that Ronald Reagan is the designated deity for Republicans. But honestly, Ann, the hyperbole and virtual orgasm over Trump’s speech is exaggeration at its worst. It wasn’t written very well, the delivery was rushed and over the top, and just because it had ten bullet points does nothing to distinguish it in the least.

The real reason Ann Coulter and her ilk are still enraptured by the Trump speech is because he gave voice to the hatred, fear, and loathing that burns bright in their coal-black hearts. They are so delighted that someone is finally saying the things they’ve been advocating for decades. They’re downright tickled pink that it’s suddenly somewhat fashionable to be racist, xenophobic, and filled with malice for those who are different from them.

The speech Trump gave last night in Phoenix was not a good one, and it might just as well have been delivered with a flamethrower. But for the Ann Coulter’s of the world, it was just what the doctor ordered. If your doctor happens to be Josef Mengele.

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

One reply on “Ann Coulter Just Tweeted Something Too STUPID Even For Her! (TWEET)”

Oh Andrew, when are you EVER going to learn? NOTHING is too stupid for Ann Coulter. But don’t be too hard on her. She tried cut rate transgender surgery with an unlicensed quack (no damn regulations for her) and the result made her psychotic.

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