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Ann Coulter Claims Democrats Will ‘Steal’ 2016 Election If It’s Close (VIDEO)

Right-wing jerkweed Ann Coulter is wearing her tinfoil hat and warning that should the 2016 Presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump be close, the Democrats will “steal” it.

In an interview with Politico, the constantly unstable Ms. Coulter warned that voter fraud is rampant:

“I keep seeing these liberal journalists on TV saying, ‘there is no voter fraud.’ And, oh my gosh, they cite the number of prosecutions.

“That’s because no one’s prosecuting it. It’s like saying there’s no lynchings because in the old South, no one prosecuted it. No, we’re not counting the number of prosecutions. That’s the whole point. If people got prosecuted, it wouldn’t happen.”

Coulter then added:

“Any close election will be stolen by the Democrats.”

Apparently Coulter is having flashbacks to 2000, when Republicans, with the assistance of a GOP-packed Supreme Court, did indeed steal an election and give us two disastrous terms of office by George W. Bush and his evil protege, Dick Cheney.

As if Coulter hadn’t proven just how utterly moronic she is, she also said she expects Trump to win as much as 32 percent of the African-American vote:

“What is holding people back is that [Trump’s] being smeared from every media outlet. People are so hysterical and that sort of pressure can work on people. People can be bullied.”

Actually, Ann, what is holding people back from supporting or voting for Donald Trump is the fact that he’s a mentally unstable blowhard who should never be allowed to have the codes to the American nuclear arsenal. And as for stealing an election, I would again direct you to the year 2000. Any questions?

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By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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