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Enraged Trump Has Melania’s Mar-a-Lago Renovations Destroyed As His Anger Grows

Each day that goes by brings Donald Trump closer to being a likely criminal defendant facing charges of tax fraud and money laundering, each of which could send him to prison for decades.

Reportedly, Trump shifts from depression to anger, and he’s even begun taking out his rage on his wife, Melania, according to a report from CNN:

“His mood darkened as soon as he walked into his members-only club Mar-a-Lago, three days before Christmas, according to multiple sources. The changes to his private quarters, many of which were overseen by his wife, first lady Melania Trump, were not to President Donald Trump’s liking, and he was mad about it, according to a source familiar with the President’s response.

“Several weeks in the works, the renovations, undertaken to make the approximately 3,000-square-foot space feel larger and updated in preparation for the Trumps post-White House life, didn’t appeal to Trump’s aesthetics, according to his reaction. Trump was also displeased with other renovations at the property, the source said, not just in the living space.”

Trump hated Melania’s changes so much that he immediately had them ripped out of the building:

“The source at Mar-a-Lago noted Trump was so displeased this week with the way some of the renovations looked he asked that pieces of the décor, which consisted of white marble and an abundance of dark wood, be removed. They promptly were.”

All of this has become par for the course as Trump’s mood sours each day and the smallest things set him off into a rage:

“If the kick-off to his last Florida sojourn as President was rough, the days that followed would be much of the same, with Trump appearing ‘moody,’ according to the source at the club, spending more time than usual behind closed doors and not mingling and conversing as much as he normally does with club members and senior White House staff, many of whom have in the last few years joined him there.”

The traditional Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party will still be held this year, but many of Trump’s friends and associates are indicating they may not attend due to the ongoing pandemic and Trump’s foul mood. One member of the president’s exclusive golf club and resort remarked:

“It’s just too big a risk, not worth it.”

Melania found out the hard way that taking such a risk has consequences, and it also suggests she may be looking to dump Donald just as soon as his presidency is over with. After all, she sure as hell doesn’t plan to visit him in lockup.


By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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