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American Intelligence Community Ready To ‘Go Nuclear’ On Trump–Source Says Trump ‘Will Die In Jail’

It was only a matter of time before the American intelligence community decided they’d had enough of Donald Trump’s possible ties to Russia, Russian intelligence, mass murderer/tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Over the past several months, Trump has repeatedly criticized the CIA and National Security Agency (NSA), blaming them for getting information on Saddam Hussein and Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, but it would appear that those who spy for a living are now ready to get rough with the head of state.

On Wednesday morning, Trump tweeted out yet another accusation against American intelligence professionals:

And now former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler is saying that the intelligence community is preparing to fight back:

Yes, members of the intelligence community (IC) are indeed planning to take Trump down, and it sounds like they won’t be satisfied until he’s behind bars.

You can already hear the Trumpkins on social media and Fox News wringing their hands and complaining that intelligence agencies shouldn’t be actively involved in the downfall of the president. But try looking at the situation from their perspective: They fully believe that Trump and many of his top advisers–Bannon, Conway, Miller, Pence–have been compromised by the Russians, who either have incriminating information on all of them or can bring them all down with a few carefully chosen dumps of information via WikiLeaks, just as they did to Hillary Clinton during the campaign.

Is is reassuring to see our intelligence community so eager to bring about the end of Donald Trump? It’s not anything to celebrate, but considering that Trump is the greatest danger of all, it’s hard to argue against what they’re doing behind the scenes. If Trump is innocent, then he has nothing to fear. Let the chips fall where they may.

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By Andrew Bradford

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Good job to all involved in the potential take down of trump. I know we’re all getting very inpatient waiting for trump and his cronies to get what they have coming. Every day their in the WH is another one of our constitutional rights being shredded. PLEASE ASAP..

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