African-Americans React To Trump’s ‘Outreach’ To Black Voters (TWEETS)

Last night, while many of us were sleeping, Donald Trump gave what was billed as a speech on “law and order” in Wisconsin. If you missed it, don’t worry. Turns out it was more of the same patented crap that Trump is always spewing out, but there was one unique portion of the speech: An outreach to African-American voters.

Please, try not to laugh and send beverage spewing out your nose.

Yes, Donald Trump, who polls at 1 percent among black voters (1 percent!), said the Democratic party had betrayed African-Americans and taken them for granted, only wanting them when it was election time. Guess he missed the headlines about the United States electing and reelecting the first black President, who also happens to be black.

How was this bid for the black vote received by African-Americans? Judging by the response on Twitter, not so well:

Of course, some clueless morons thought the speech was superb. For example:

Next thing you know, Trump will announce that he’s gonna try and build bridges to the Hispanic community. He’ll probably start the building with a wall instead of a bridge.

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