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Advisers To Trump Tell Him His Coronavirus Failures Have Likely Cost Him Reelection: REPORT

The West Wing of the White House is awash in political angst, with most of President Donald Trump’s advisers worried that he has already stumbled so badly in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that winning a second term in office is just about impossible.

Politico reports that many Republicans both inside and outside of the administration are warning Trump that if he isn’t able to deliver on providing tests for the virus that can be sent to the states and COVID-19 begins to cause large numbers of fatalities yet again, he can kiss his chances of reelection goodbye:

“More than five weeks into a devastating shutdown of the U.S. economy, Trump’s aides and advisers inside and outside his administration now view disapproval of his preparedness for the coronavirus pandemic as his biggest political liability heading into the 2020 election.”

One Republican who is close to the White House put it more bluntly:

“If the testing does not get sorted out as soon as possible, it will be another nail in an almost closed coffin.”

As of yet, Trump and the policy team handling the pandemic that has killed nearly 45,000 Americans are operationg from a distinct disadvantage, mainly because they waited so long to acccelerate testing. And Trump himself continues to contradict himself on the subject of tests:

“More than three months after China reported its first death from the virus, the administration has been plagued by complaints about testing shortages and delays along with comparisons to other advanced nations such as Germany and South Korea that ramped up testing quickly to control the virus.”

Voters are not happy with that they’ve seen so far. An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll this week drove that point home in no uncertain terms, with 65 percent of registered voters saying the president did not take the threat from COVID-19 seriously enough when it was first detected in the U.S.

Another Republican with ties to the administration says the question of Trump’s leadership hangs in the balance, and things don’t look good for the incumbent at this point:

“The biggest political narrative that threatens them now is that they were slow to respond to the virus — and testing is a key component of the ‘slow start’ narrative, especially with the early testing fiascos.”

At the moment, it certainly appears that Donald J. Trump will go down in American history as the most inept and unprepared head of state this nation has ever seen.

In other words, a virus has finally exposed Trump for the bumbling fool he’s always been.

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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