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Accused Rapist Trump Declares He’s ‘Done More For Women Than Just About Any President In History!’

Did you know that President Donald Trump has been a champion for women since taking office? To hear him tell it, he’s probably the greatest thing to happen to women since Susan B. Anthony and the 19th Amendment. which gave American women the right to vote.

Out of nowhere Friday afternoon, Trump fired off this ridiculous tweet:

Sorry, Donny, but that’s not just bullshit, it’s bullshit that’s been buried in a pile of horseshit and then coated with a patina of guano.

Oh, and let’s build a “beautiful” statue in Washington, D.C.. Why would he want to do that? She he can sneak down to where it’s located late at night and molest it?

Never forget that this is the very same Donald John Trump who has been accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape, including the repeated rape of 13-year-old girl.

25 women have accused Trump of sexual crimes, as Business Insider noted earlier this year:

“At least 25 women have made sexual misconduct allegations against Trump since the 1970s.

“Trump has broadly dismissed the allegations, which include ogling, harassment, groping, and rape, as “fabricated” and politically motivated accounts pushed by the media and his political opponents.”

The president’s absurd claim was greeted with mockery and anger:

By Andrew Bradford

Proud progressive journalist and political adviser living behind enemy lines in Red America.

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