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Matt Gaetz Attempts To Boost Donald Trump And Winds Up Humiliating Them Both

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) desperately longs to be Donald Trump’s favorite member of Congress, but there’s so much damn competition for the job. From Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) to Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), so very many feeble-minded, ass-kissing GOPers are waiting in line to kneel down and thoroughly brown nose the Traitor-in-Chief.

But despite those odds, Gaetz never passes on an opportunity to be an obsequious, fawning sycophant for the oozing orange barnacle who resides in the White House, and the Floridian once again proved his demented devotion to El Presidente with a posting he made on Twitter, which just so happens to be the president’s favorite social media platform.

No doubt you’ve seen the photos of the St. Louis couple who brandished weapons when Black Lives Matter protesters marched past their house. That image has already spawned a million memes and made the two ammosexual idiots the perfect example of Ken and Karen Kulture. They don’t just want to see the manager; they are the damn manager!

That photo led Gaetz to tweet out this:

This is all of us? It’s damn sure not me. Is it you? If so, seek professional help immediately and drop your weapons off at the nearest police station because clearly you have no idea when it’s appropriate to point a gun at another person.

Fortunately, Charlie Sykes of The Bulwark quickly said what all the rest of us were thinking when he laid eyes on Ken and Karen pushing their Second Amendment rights to the extreme. Sykes expertly dissected Gaetz, Trump, and the all the gun-totin’ wannabe Mad Max’s out there:

“As it turns out this is actually not all of us, unless we are Brooks-Brothers-wearing Kens and Karens, living in a mock Renaissance palazzo mansion in a private gated community and look like utter idiots.”

Exactly. If this was “all of us,” there would be no hope for any of us!

Sykes continues, focusing on Gaetz:

“Gaetz’s peculiar talent is his uncanny ability to reduce MAGA memes to lowest-common-denominator cartoon.”

But the real cancer behind such behavior was spawned in and then metastasized from the sick brain of Donald John Trump, and Sykes makes that clear:

“Like Gaetz, Trump wants to paint a lurid picture of a dystopian future of a Biden-led America: riots, anarchists, caravans, and brown people behaving badly. Only a Trump presidency, he insists, can protect America to from the chaos that will be unleashed by . . . Joe Biden,

“Matt Gaetz just illustrated how hard that will be.”

Gaetz also made it loud and clear that all he and his party have left in the Age of Trump is a series of dog whistles they continue to sound while the vast majority of the American people turn and walk away from them in absolute disgust.

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Republicans Who Reluctantly Voted For Trump In 2016 Say They’re Ready To Help Elect Joe Biden

Four years ago, when Donald Trump faced off against Hillary Clinton, there were many Republicans who were uncomfortable with Trump as their candidate. Despite that, they couldn’t bring themselves to cast a ballot for Clinton, so they reluctantly gave their vote to Trump, thinking he wouldn’t be that bad as president.

But as Ohioan Matt Borges notes, that was a big mistake.

In 2016, Borges was head of the Ohio Republican Party, and he publicly criticized candidate Trump. But when Election Day rolled around, Borges held his nose and gave his vote to Trump. He told NBC News he now deeply regrets that decision and won’t make the same mistake again:

“Nothing was going to get me to vote for Hillary Clinton. I grew up in this business learning to fight against everything the Clintons were for. I knew her, and in my mind, I knew what a Clinton presidency was going to be like. A lot of folks are like me. They understand that Joe Biden isn’t the same kind of candidate.”

That raises a question which has to be haunting the 2020 Trump campaign: Could the biggest reason Trump fails to win a second term in office come from inside the GOP?

Another Republican with buyer’s remorse is Tim Miller, who once served as a spokesman for the Republican National Committee. Now he’s  formed the super PAC Republican Voters Against Trump. Miller explained the reason for his PAC:

“What we wanted to create is a movement among rank-and-file Republicans to give them a sense of community and a sense of encouragement from walking away from this president. (That will) create a permission structure for them to say for the first, maybe only, time that they won’t vote for a Republican.”

Trump remains highly popular within the Republican Party, but polls show that many independents who voted for Trump in 2016 are ready to help elect Biden. And the most recent New York Times/Siena University poll revealed that only 61 percent of self-identified Republicans said they think the country is on the right track with Trump as president. But that’s not the only bad news in the numbers:

“The president’s support among the groups that were key to his win in 2016 — seniors, non-college-educated whites and men — has also been shrinking in multiple polls over the past two months.”

The 2020 election may well be similar to 2016: The race could come down to a few thousand votes in a several key battleground states. And if so, even a few Republicans voting for Biden or refusing to cast a ballot for Trump could make all the difference. That’s what Tim Miller is counting on:

“If you were for Trump last time and you write in Ronald Reagan this time, that is plus one for Joe Biden.”

And that alone could make Biden the 46th President of the United States.

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Veterans Group Releases Powerful Viral Video That Asks, ‘Traitor Trump, Who Is The Enemy?’

The advocacy group has released a powerful new video that was posted online Sunday, and it may well be the best commentary on the reckless actions of Donald Trump ever created.

As you’d expect, the video directly references The New York Times report that Trump allegedly knew about cash bounties paid by Russia to militants who targeted and killed U.S. forces in Afghanistan.

The video from VoteVets directly address the Times report. Take a look:

If indeed Trump knew about the bounties paid by Putin and never did anything about it, that clearly makes him a traitor and a threat to the national security of the United States. If he didn’t know, then he’s utterly feckless. Either way, he’s unfit to serve as commander-in-chief of the armed forces. And that’s exactly who people who saw the video had to say:

Voting Trump out of office isn’t nearly enough. He also needs to be charged, indicted, and put on trial. The first count against him should be treason.

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Ex-Trump Adviser Predicts The Donald Will Suffer ‘One Of The Worst Electoral Defeats’ In History

In private, Donald Trump is telling aides and campaign advisers that he knows he’s way behind in the 2020 race for the White House and likely headed for a humiliating defeat in the November election.

From one embarrassing misstep to another — a noxious tweet, a lackluster performance during an interview with Fox host Sean Hannity, or the subpar turnout at that infamous rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma — Trump’s poll numbers slide even further, with most showing him trailing by double digits to Joe Biden.

But it’s more than just the poll numbers that have the president’s friends, aides, and advisers worried. There’s also the sense that his heart just isn’t in the fight, according to Politico:

“Trump has time to rebound, and the political environment could improve for him. But interviews with more than a half-dozen people close to the president depicted a reelection effort badly in need of direction — and an unfocused candidate who repeatedly undermines himself.”

One of those Politico spoke with, former political adviser Sam Nunberg, had a prediction of where he sees things ending when the votes are counted on November 3:

“Under the current trajectory, President Trump is on the precipice of one of the worst electoral defeats in modern presidential elections and the worst historically for an incumbent president.”

Nunberg referenced the recent polls from CNBC and New York Times, both of which show Trump’s overall support is barely hovering at the 40 percent mark. Nunberg noted that should the president’s support level fall just five more points, to 35 percent, Trump could wind up being badly embarrassed:

“He’s going to be facing realistically a 400-plus electoral vote loss and the president would need to strongly reconsider whether he wants to continue to run as the Republican presidential nominee.”

What does the president’s campaign team have planned to bolster support and drive down Biden’s numbers? Attack ads, which they’re already running in select markets. But some of those markets are states that shouldn’t even be close, such as Georgia and Texas, both of which are being bombarded with TV spots.

The problem with attack ads, however, is while they can be effective at causing a small, temporary blip in the polls, they almost never alter the course of an election once voters begin making up their minds. And with thousands of new cases of coronavirus each day, additional scandals arising (i.e. the Russian bounty on U.S. military personnel), and multiple tell-all books on the way that will expose the president to even more scrutiny, Trump and his allies will have trouble changing the subject back to Biden, who is playing a brilliant strategy of letting the incumbent destroy himself.

A 400-plus electoral vote loss for Trump may be too much to hope for, but it would certainly be a welcome repudiation of the biggest failure to ever serve as president. And that alone would be a good first step towards healing a deeply-wounded nation.

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Christian Broadcaster Asks Trump If God Put Him In Office – His Answer Is Incredibly Revealing

Donald Trump loves to pretend that he’s religious and cares about issues that are important to Christians, especially evangelical Christians, but his only real interest is in securing their votes, because Trump has never expressed any interest in spiritual matters, has cheated on all three of his wives, and bragged that he enjoys grabbing women by the genitals.

Despite all that, Trump sat down this week for an extensive interview with David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network, and Brody asked the president if he thought perhaps God had put him in the White House. Specifically, Brody posed this question to Trump:

“I want to ask you, on the evangelical front. I’ve asked Sarah Sanders, Mike Pompeo, they all give me the same answer I say, was President Trump put in office for such a time as this. Did God put President Trump in office for such a time as this? I never asked you that question. What do you think?”

Rather than saying yes or no, Trump responded:

“Well, I don’t know what they said.”

Did you get that? He doesn’t know what they said. In other words, Trump cannot respond to the question until he knows exactly what has been said about him by his underlings. That’s what’s important to him, not any spiritual matters or questions of the afterlife and eternity. By knowing what they said, Trump believes he can more fully pander to those watching the interview.

Brody then told Trump:

“They said yes.”

All of sudden, the president became overly verbose, remarking:

“Okay. Because I have, Ben Carson said the same thing. You know, Ben Carson came to me because he ran a very effective campaign. And he did a good job. He really did. You know, he came in one of the top people. And he said to me, you know, you’re gonna win. I said, Ben, I’m running against you. What are you telling me? He said you’re going to win because God put you here for this occasion. I said, What a lovely thing to say. That was the first one that I heard from Ben Carson. And it was during the campaign, I was running against him, and he was saying, I’m gonna win. He’s a very high-quality guy. He’s done a great job in the administration.”

Be sure and note he still hasn’t answered the question!

Brody then asked if Trump “buys” what his cabinet members have said about him being in office because God put him there. Trump replied:

“I almost don’t even want to think about it. Because you know what, all I’m gonna do is, I hope it’s true. All I’m going to do is I’m going to do my best. And part of what I’m doing my best one is for the religious community beyond evangelical, evangelicals a very big part is very important to me.”

What?! That’s gibberish and more pandering. And it’s also proof that Trump couldn’t care less about evangelicals, God, or religion. He just wants their votes, and he’s willing to say whatever’s necessary to make sure they support him come November.

Saint Donald? Hardly. That’s not a halo you see over Trump’s head. It’s horns he’s twisted into a circle.