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Trump Is Reportedly Having Videos Of Him Altered To Hide His Neck Wattle

Donald Trump is a very vain and insecure man. And the older he gets, the more he’s trying to hide his obvious physical shortcomings.

If you doubt that, look no further than the Donald’s fake spray-on tan and that bird’s nest of a hairdo he’s got in a pathetic attempt to obscure the fact that he’s going bald.

And then there’s the turkey neck, which Trump has even mentioned when looking at photos of himself, Politico reported back in 2016:

“He also complained about photos of himself that NBC used that he found unflattering, the source said.

Trump turned to NBC News President Deborah Turness at one point, the source said, and told her the network won’t run a nice picture of him, instead choosing ‘this picture of me,’ as he made a face with a double chin. Turness replied that they had a ‘very nice’ picture of him on their website at the moment.”

That double chin (i.e. turkey neck) bothers Trump so much that he’s apparently having videos of him retouched and manipulated so that the wattle doesn’t show up, according to The Rude Pundit, who made this posting on Twitter:

In no time, Twitter gave birth to a new hashtag: #Wattlegate.

The Rude Pundit did some extensive research into the presidential turkey neck (which some have referred to as a “vag neck”) and managed to produce a video that completely blows the lid off this latest Trump scandal, with Mr. Rude noting on his website:

“It looked like someone had digitally removed Trump’s pronounced neck wattle, the prominent flesh sag that, when pinched together by a collar and tie, has the quality of a puffy vulva. Sometimes, it does lop over his collar but certainly not smoothly.”

Here’s the video, because you know you want to see it:

Take a close look at that neck and chin in the video. It has the appearance of having been altered, but not by experts like the tech wizards at Pixar or Industrial Light and Magic.

How much do you want to bet that someone on the White House payroll is in charge of making Trump’s wattle disappear? Your tax dollars at work! Keep that in mind when you do you tax returns this year.

Is this all much ado about nothing? Maybe. But it’s only fair that President Vag Neck be subjected to the same scrutiny.

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Donald Trump’s Lawsuit Against The New York Times Is About To Bite Him On The A*s

As he has so often done over the course of his life and business career, Donald Trump read something in a newspaper, didn’t like what it said, and decided to file a lawsuit he has no conceivable chance of winning.

At issue this time is a New York Times editorial printed on March 27, 2019 which alleged that Russia had an “overarching deal” with Trump and the 2016 Trump campaign, Politico reports:

“In the op-ed in question, headlined “The Real Trump-Russia Quid Pro Quo,” author Max Frankel asserts in part that Trump’s 2016 campaign had an ‘overarching deal’ with Russian President ‘Vladimir Putin’s oligarchy’ in order to ‘help in the campaign against Hillary Clinton,’ in exchange for ‘a new pro-Russian foreign policy, starting with relief from the Obama administration’s burdensome economic sanctions.'”

That, according to Trump and his attorneys, is libel, even though the article was clearly marked as an opinion piece and many facts from the Russia investigation have proven that the Times was absolutely right.

Attorney David Lurie, however, thinks Trump may have made a gigantic mistake by filing the lawsuit, and not just because the case will likely get laughed out of court, especially if the Times decides to move forward and not seek to have the suit dismissed.

In an article for The Daily Beast, Lurie writes:

“Since truth is a defense, if the Trump campaign’s case against Trump was to go forward to the discovery stage, the Times would inevitably seek to obtain evidence regarding whether Trump and his campaign did in fact enter into a quid pro quo arrangement with Putin. Furthermore, Trump himself would also certainly be a key witness, and would be called upon to provide testimony and documents.”

Imagine the opportunity to depose Trump under oath and ask about his connections to Russia! One lie and he’d be on the hook for perjury. And as we’ve learned over the years, Trump cannot go more than five seconds without lying. Lying is embedded in his DNA.

Lurie concludes his article by urging the Times to do exactly that: Move ahead and start discovery, just to put Trump on the spot and watch how quickly he scurries away with his tail between his legs:

“If the Times employs that strategy, it will be difficult for Trump to maintain that the Constitution prohibits him from being required to testify. After all, the campaign, a corporation Trump controls, chose to bring the case, necessarily recognizing that its principal would have to be made available to provide evidence.”

Donald Trump is a very litigious person. And history shows he usually loses when he files suit against those he feels have wronged him. But this time, one of his lawsuits could come back to bite him in the ass in a way he clearly hasn’t anticipated.

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One Of Donald Trump’s Biggest Secrets Could Wind Up Costing Him The 2020 Election

Now that the coronavirus scare has swept across the globe and hit hard on Wall Street, sending the stock market plummeting, Donald Trump’s chances of reelection seem less certain by the day.

But there are other dark clouds on the horizon for Trump, who is reportedly obsessed with his own poll numbers and the rising sentiment among the majority of Americans that the country is on the wrong track under his leadership.

The most serious threat to Trump winning a second term is a case before the Supreme Court, which will be issuing a ruling before November regarding whether or not Congress has a right to take a long look at the president’s tax returns as the Constitution seems to clearly suggest it does.

NBC News reports:

“The justices … agreed, with no noted dissents, to hear Trump’s appeal of lower court rulings involving subpoenas issued by the Democratic majority on the House Oversight Committee. It orders President Trump’s accounting firm to turn over Trump-related financial documents covering 2011 through 2018.”

The House of Representatives, under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) raised the stakes considerably on Wednesday, with a 108-page brief filed to the Supreme Court, laying out the legal precedent for Congress to examine the tax returns of any U.S. citizen, as specified by the writers of the U.S. Constitution, with this line perfectly summing up the matter:

“This Court has never invalidated a Congressional subpoena that was part of an ongoing Congressional inquiry.”

While we can’t know how the high court will rule, especially since there are two Trump appointees among its members, we can lay out two scenarios, both of which could prove damaging to Trump’s chances of reelection:

  • Trump loses the case and has to turn over his tax returns, highlights of which can be discussed in Congressional hearings
  • Trump wins the case and is allowed to keep his tax returns hidden, meaning he can continue to obstruct Congress and the American people, which is not something you want haunting you when you’re seeking votes

Either way, the Trump tax matter has the potential to destroy Donald Trump completely if only because it will be a topic of discussion and debate. Add to that a slowing economy, a limping stock market, and a pandemic, and you have a gigantic loss by Trump on Election Day, no matter which Democrat he’s facing.

Secrets have a way of coming out at the worst time. And it appears Donald Trump is about to find that out the hard way.

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New Investigation Of Devin Nunes Could Spell The End Of His Congressional Career

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) is in very big trouble, and it could wind up costing him his congressional seat.

The Fresno Bee reports that a non-partisan group, the Campaign Legal Center, is alleging that Nunes has been receiving gifts in direct violation of House ethics rules. Specifically, Nunes is accused of receiving legal services:

“A nonpartisan watchdog group filed an ethics complaint against Rep. Devin Nunes Wednesday, calling for a congressional investigation into how the California Republican is paying for his lawsuits against media companies and critics.

“Nunes, (along) with Virginia attorney Steven Biss, filed six lawsuits and sent two letters implying possible legal action in 2019. He has not disclosed how he is paying for the legal work, and the kind of lawsuits he is filing — alleging defamation and conspiracies against him — can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

Nunes, who earns $174,000 a year as a congressman, could never afford to file such expensive lawsuits, meaning he likely accepted free or reduced price legal work that he failed to report. That could lead to Nunes being expelled from the House or endanger his chances of being reelected in November:

“The group argues he’d only be able to pay if he received legal services for free, at a discounted rate, or based on a contingency fee, meaning the lawyer would get compensated from Nunes’ winnings if he prevails in his lawsuits.”

If Nunes is receiving such legal help, he is required by House rules to file a legal defense fund or be charged with accepting an illegal gift, which is a very serious allegation if made against any member of Congress. Records show, however, that Congressman Nunes has not claimed a legal defense fund, meaning he has already violated ethics rules and is subject to punishment by the House Ethics Committee and full House if they were to take a vote to reprimand Nunes or remove him from his seat in Congress.

Over the past three years, Nunes has been one of President Donald Trump’s most eager and dogged defenders, even going so far as to update the White House on investigations being conducted by the House Intelligence Committee. Nunes is the ranking Republican on the intelligence committee.

Now, however, Nunes appears to have painted himself in a corner he’ll have trouble extricating himself from. It couldn’t happen to a more deserving Republican.

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Saudi Arabia Funneled Millions In Illegal Money To Trump’s 2016 Campaign: REPORT

A Lebanese-American businessman says that he personally helped the 2016 Trump for President campaign hide million of dollars in illegal campaign contributions from Saudi Arabia, all of which were a direct violation of federal law.

Andy Khawaja told Spectator that he personally sold advanced technology which allowed campaign operative George Nader that allowed the Trump campaign to conceal millions in donations from both Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). That technology made those funds appear to be from American citizens:

“He says that to keep it secret, they disguised the money as small donations from Americans, using stolen identities and ‘virtual credit cards’ or gift cards — donations of less than $200 do not have to be reported to the Federal Election Commission and made public. He claims the Saudis and the Emiratis were able to make thousands of such small donations at a time using the latest payment processing technology.”

Khawaja also told Spectator reporter Paul Wood that members of the 2016 Trump campaign often bragged that Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Russia were all committed to helping Trump become president, and one of the main ways they could accomplish that was by making sure badly-needed campaign funds were available to purchase campaign ads, especially on social media.

And why were the Saudis so eager to get Trump into office? Nader told Khawaja it was because the hardliners in the Saudi government were convinced Trump would be tough on Iran, the main rival power to the powers-that-be in Riyadh:

“We have a deal with Trump: my boss, His Highness, made a deal that if we help Trump get elected, he’s going to be harsh on Iran, he’s going to take out the nuclear deal that the Obama administration made. That will cripple the Iranian economy and will sanction Iran from selling oil again. It will make it very difficult for them to compete in the oil market. That’s worth a hundred billion dollars to us. That’s the reason we cannot allow Hillary to win at any cost. She must lose.”

Remember when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered the murder and dismemberment of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi? Even U.S. intelligence said the prince played a major role in Khashoggi’s brutal killing. And yet Trump refused to condemn the Saudis or Bin Salman. And now we know why: It was all about the money.

Donald Trump is for sale to the highest bidder. He always has been. Now, however, with him in the White House, that means he is happy to sell out everything this country once stood for in order to enrich himself and also become an American dictator.

The greatest existential threat the United States has ever faced is now serving as president. This will not end well.