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Supreme Court Ruling Clears The Way For Criminal Charges To Be Filed Against Trump

On Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court issued a ruling that all but eliminated President Trump’s plan to pardon those who were charged and convicted as part of the Mueller investigation as a way of protecting himself. And that same decision virtually guarantees that Trump will eventually be charged in his home state of New York.

The ruling, Politico notes, keeps in place the existing law which states that defendants can be charged in both federal and state courts for similar crimes:

“In a 7-2 ruling, the justices declined to disturb a longstanding legal principle known as dual sovereignty, which allows state governments to bring their own charges against defendants already tried or convicted in federal court, or vice versa.”

So if Trump were inclined to pardon Paul Manafort, his former campaign chairman, he can do so on federal charges, but Manafort is also facing trial in the state of New York, meaning that a presidential pardon would void his federal sentence but do nothing to address charges he’s facing in state court. Or, as Greg Stohr noted in Fortune:

“Elimination of the separate-sovereigns rule would have meant that a presidential pardon might block some state charges as well.”

But not now. Now Trump can issue all the pardons he wants and various states can still bring their own charges. This applies to his family, meaning that New York may be eyeing the indictment of Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka Trump, along with Jared Kushner.

And as Adalia Woodbury writes for PoliticsUSA, the same applies to the president himself:

“It’s possible New York may wish to pursue charges that are separate and apart from Trump’s activities with Mr. Cohen. According to an article published last year, Trump is the subject of several investigations in New York some of which stem from the Mueller investigation. Others include an investigation of his inaugural committee, investigations into Trump’s organizations, including one for potential tax fraud.”

Monday’s ruling was a clear green light to any state that wants to bring charges against Trump, his family, or his company. The Supreme Court just let it be known that no one is above the law, not even a lawless American head of state.

Lock him up!

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Is Former White House Counsel Don McGahn About To Tell Congress All About Trump’s Crimes?

When history is written, the week of June 9-16, 2019 may well be seen as when the presidency of Donald Trump began to collapse into entropy and officially circle the drain.

The reason? It all has to do with that disastrous interview Trump gave to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, but it isn’t the part of the interview where the president said he welcomed dirt on his 2020 opponents from a foreign government.

Instead, it was what Trump had to say about former White House counsel Don McGahn. Specifically, according to the Mueller report, McGahn said he was able to talk Trump out of firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Trump told Stephanopoulos that McGahn had lied under oath:

Trump: “The story on that very simply, No. 1, I was never going to fire Mueller. I never suggested firing Mueller.”

Stephanopoulos: “Why would [McGahn] lie under oath?”

Trump: “Because he wanted to make himself look like a good lawyer.”

In other words, Trump threw McGahn under the bus, accusing him of having committed perjury.

This is the very same Don McGahn Trump has said cannot testify before Congress due to “executive privilege.” Trump appears to be saying, McGahn can’t testify, but trust me he’s lying. That led Jonathan Chait of New York magazine to note:

“The Mueller report shows no obstruction of justice, and the obstruction it shows is fake, and Congress can’t hear from a person who testified about obstruction. We just have to take Trump’s word on this, even though his words contradict other words of his. Just what you’d expect an innocent person to say, basically.”

Don McGahn now has no choice but to testify to Congress, if only to salvage what’s left of his reputation and allow him to remain a member of the legal profession.

We know that McGahn is angry with Trump for what the president said. A source close the former White House counsel told Jonathan Swan of Axios:

“Anyone who believes Trump wasn’t telling Don to get rid of Mueller using these conflicts is just stupid or believes in the tooth fairy.”

Don McGahn has the goods on Trump, especially as it relates to obstruction of justice. And if he wants to keep his law license and his freedom, he’s going to cut a deal and testify before the House Judiciary Committee, the very same committee where impeachment would begin.

Impeachment is coming, and while Trump may want to blame others for it, he brought it all on himself. As usual.

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Here’s The REAL REASON Sarah Sanders Is Leaving The Trump Administration

It was a surprise announcement, made late Thursday afternoon, and it was made by President Donald Trump via Twitter, which he often uses when he wants to announce something he’s too much of a coward to tell someone to their face:

But as it always the case with Donald Trump, there’s a whole lot more to the story than he’s willing to admit.

For her part, Sanders tried to put a happy face on the entire matter, telling NBC News:

“I feel like it’s important for the president to be able to put somebody in place as he moves into the campaign season.”

Ah yes, the campaign season. Trump is trying to get re-elected even though his poll numbers are dismal and he’s losing to nearly all of the top Democratic contenders; by a 13 full points to former Vice President Joe Biden.

And then we come to the disastrous interview Trump gave to George Stephanopoulos of ABC News. In that interview the president said there was nothing wrong with accepting negative information from a foreign country on an opponent.

As press secretary, Sarah Sanders had to have set up that ABC interview, and Fox News host Neil Cavuto is convinced that’s why Sanders got the boot. On his show Thursday, Cavuto noted:

“The timing of this is odd. Just after the George Stephanopoulos interview with the president, the hypothetical came up about accepting intelligence from a foreign source and the president, of course, reacted the way he did. He said yeah, I’d be open to it. Maybe he’s pointing the finger, why did you get me into this, Sarah Sanders?”

We’ve seen it a million times with Donald Trump. He expects absolute loyalty from those around him, but will instantly toss them under the bus to save his own ass. He got burned on the ABC interview, so Sanders is gone.

No one will miss Sarah Sanders, who lied almost as much as her boss. But her loyalty was rewarded with a knife in the back from Trump.

Donald Trump is a total and complete failure as a human being and as a president. He proves that each and every day in new and terrifying ways.

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Former FBI Officials Tell Congress Don Jr. And Jared Kushner May Be ‘Beholden To Putin’

Since the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was handed to Attorney General William Barr in April, the Trump administration has been trying desperately to keep what could be some of the more damaging portions of the report (i.e. the underlying evidence and grand jury transcripts) from Congress and the public.

But despite the White House’s endless stonewalling, congressional committees are holding hearings on the report, and at one of those recently it became clear that there’s likely to be some very damaging information remaining in the still hidden portions of Mueller’s investigation.

The House Intelligence Committee was the setting for testimony from two former FBI officials and an ex-U.S. attorney, and the three said that the Trump campaign officials (Donald Trump Jr. Jared Kushner, and Paul Manafort) who met with Russian officials at Trump Tower in June of 2016 became “beholden” to Russian President Vladimir Putin the second they agreed to take that meeting.

Robert Anderson, the former FBI assistant director of National Security, told the committee:

“That’s where it starts. You’re talking to people who are around the President or potential President of the United States. From that point on you have a voice inside you can filter information to.

“I think Russia looked at this way in advance on how to potentially target incoming administrations.”

Ex-FBI National Security Branch Executive Assistant Director Stephanie Douglas, echoed those remarks, noting:

“It is an absolute classic tradecraft of Russia and Russian intelligence services. They’ll never have one point of failure. If they’re looking to try to obtain or pass information or potentially even influence information, they’ll make sure that they have numerous aspects or points to where they can try to get that done.”

That explains why Russia not only set up the Trump Tower meeting but also actively sought to gain access to the Oval Office Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser: They wanted multiple points of influence with President Donald Trump.

But it was what former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy, a Republican, said that raised the most eyebrows and will certainly cause the most concern for the administration:

“I would just add that even by taking the meeting, you’ve made yourself beholden to Putin.”

Beholden to Putin. When your son and son-and-law are both “beholden” to a foreign adversary, your entire administration is. Traitors hang out with traitors. You know the old saying: Birds of a feather flock together.

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Congressional Committees Preparing To Subpoena Source Of Infamous Trump ‘Pee Tape’

It was probably the most salacious detail to come out of the entire Trump-Russia probe: The accusation that Russian intelligence had a videotape of Donald Trump engaged in a highly unorthodox sex act with two prostitutes, the three engaged in what’s known as “golden showers.”

And now it appears that the infamous “pee tape” is about to be brought back to the forefront as at least two congressional committees prepare to subpoena the Russian businessman who was unwittingly responsible for the release of the Steele Dossier. That document was the source of the scandalous accusation regarding Trump’s behavior in a Moscow hotel room with the two call girls.

The Washington Post reports that Sergei Millian, the mysterious Russian businessman, also has a connection to Trump:

“At the time, little was known about Millian’s connection to the New York developer, other than the fact that he said he had sold units at a Trump property in Florida years ago.”

It won’t surprise you to know that when Republicans controlled both houses of Congress, they refused to subpoena Millian. But the House is now in Democratic hands:

“The House and Senate intelligence committees have tried to interview Millian, according to people familiar with the panels’ work. Millian did not respond to the Senate committee, one person said. In a report issued last year, House Democrats said that Millian was unwilling to appear before their panel without being granted immunity and they called on Republicans to subpoena him. Now back in majority control, House Democrats said they plan to renew efforts to obtain his testimony.”

So if immunity is offered to Millian as part of the investigations being conducted now by multiple House committees — judiciary, intelligence — that means he would be willing to reveal what he knows about Trump and that scandalous videotape. He might even know where those committees can obtain a copy of the recording.

All along, Donald Trump was said to be the most enraged by the allegations of what he might have done in Moscow with those prostitutes. And now that same deed is about to be front-page news once again. We can probably expect more enraged tweets from the president that will only serve to make him look that much more guilty.

You can read highlights of the Steele Dossier at this link