Mueller’s Grand Jury Continues To Meet — Are More Indictments Coming?

Two days before Attorney General William Barr gave his scant, four-page summary of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller to key members of Congress and the public, a senior Justice Department official told Politico that there would be no further indictments in the Russia investigation

Yet on Wednesday of this week, we learned (again from Politico) that one of Mueller’s grand juries in Washington, D.C. is “continuing robustly” despite that earlier denial of other indictments being handed down:

“David Goodhand, an assistant U.S. attorney, acknowledged the grand jury’s active status during a hearing in U.S. District Court over a push to unveil the identity of a foreign state-owned firm that has been held in contempt for defying a Mueller subpoena.

“During a brief open hearing Wednesday, the chief judge of the U.S. District Court for D.C., Beryl Howell, pressed Goodhand to say whether the grand jury Mueller had been using in the case remained active.

“‘It is continuing,’ the prosecutor replied. ‘It’s continuing robustly.'”

Something here doesn’t add up.

Legal experts are now saying that the presence of that Mueller grand jury could signal big trouble for President Donald Trump in the near future, with Gene Rossi, a former assistant U.S. attorney in Virginia noting:

“I worked with the prosecutor [Goodhand] in this matter. He uses his words very carefully. The use of ‘robustly’ is not bluster or gratuitous. That word strongly suggests that the handoffs from Robert Mueller’s office are alive and kicking and that the Washington U.S. Attorney’s Office could be another troubling front for the president and the White House.”

In other words, much as Mueller handed off pieces of the investigation to the U.S. Attorney’s office for the Southern District of New York, it appears the special counsel did the same thing with the U.S. Attorney’s office in the District of Columbia.

AG Barr assures us that the Mueller investigation has ended, and he may be right, at least technically, because Robert Mueller has completed his work. But the other investigations spawned as a result of his work still have the potential to take one hell of a nasty bite out of Trump and members of his family, especially Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, along with Jared Kushner.

So while the White House claims vindication, it now appears their celebration may be extremely premature.

Here’s more on the Mueller grand jury from Rachel Maddow:

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REVEALED: This Is The Investigation That Has Donald Trump Absolutely Terrified

Even though it got the most attention, the investigation conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller was never the one that strikes the most fear into Donald Trump, if only because he knew he’d be able to deny he’d had any meetings or discussed any incriminating information with the people who wound up being indicted or pleading guilty in the Mueller probe.

But there’s still a proverbial sword of Damocles hanging over Trump’s entire presidency, and it’s the one that even those who support Trump freely admit could wind up leading to him being indicted, impeached, and placed in prison for a very long time.

The investigation in question is being conducted by prosecutors working for the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York (SDNY), and it involves the Trump Organization, which is owned and controlled by the president and his three eldest children, Don Jr., Ivanka, and Eric.

Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, is in federal prison, but he’s been cooperating with the SDNY for months now and has plenty of documents, tapes, and other evidence that are invaluable in any criminal probe.

Also, the crimes being looked at by SDNY are of a financial nature, and money transactions leave trails, no matter how diligently you try to hide them. So if Trump or his company ever laundered money for members of the Russian mafia or Russian oligarchs, there will be records of that. As author Craig Unger recently explained in an interview he gave in connection with his eye-opening book House of Trump, House of Putin:

“I think all of this began as a money-laundering operation with the Russian mafia. It’s well known that Trump likes doing business with gangsters, in part because they pay top dollar and loan money when traditional banks won’t, so it was a win-win for both sides.

Trump was working with the Russian mafia for more than 30 years. He was profiting from them. They rescued him. They bailed him out. They took him from being $4 billion in debt to becoming a multibillionaire again, and they fueled his political ambitions, starting more than 30 years ago. This means Trump was in bed with the Kremlin as well, whether he knew it or not.”

That’s the Russia connection: MONEY! And Trump is all about money. He may well be the greediest man on the face of the planet, and if he could only save his business by taking dirty money from Russian gangsters, he would have done so in a heartbeat.

Yes, we do indeed still deserve to see the entire Mueller report and hear testimony from Robert Mueller. But it’s the SDNY that’s got Trump’s full attention, and he knows they have the goods on him.

Tick tock, Donnie Traitor. Tick tock

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Looks Like William Barr Just Got Caught In A Web Of His Own Lies

On Monday, Donald Trump took his victory lap in response to the summary issued by his handpicked attorney general and even suggested that he was planning to retaliate against those who had begun the Russia investigation, telling reporters:

“There are a lot people out there that have done some very, very evil things, very bad things, I would say treasonous things, against our country. Hopefully the people that have done such harm to our country — we’ve gone through a period of really bad things happening — those people will certainly be looked at.”

Here’s someone else that’s going to be looked at closely: Attorney General William Barr, who may well have lied his way into hot water with that infamous four-page summary of the Mueller report he presented to Congress on Sunday afternoon. Because it’s beginning to look like some of what Barr claimed in that letter is just flat-out incorrect.

As attorney and author Scott Turow notes in an article he wrote for Vanity Fair, Barr’s suggestion that obstruction of justice by Trump cannot be proven simply doesn’t hold water:

“In judging whether a suspect had a corrupt intent to obstruct justice, a reasonable prosecutor would look at the potential gain to the defendant by engaging in the questionable behavior. In most cases, if the target didn’t commit an underlying offense, he would have no reason to hinder the investigation.

“But that is not true in Trump’s case. Throughout his election campaign and long after, Trump denied that Russia as responsible for the massive interference in our election that Mueller has now concluded occurred.”

And the case against Barr is even more damning when you consider that he may well be covering for Trump, meaning he’s part of a larger conspiracy to assure that this president isn’t held accountable for his actions, no matter how treasonous they might be. Barr would then be allowing a man he knows to be guilty to walk free, and that would make Barr an accomplice to every crime Trump has committed. As Turow rightly concludes:

“To argue that no underlying crime means no obstruction is therefore nonsense. That is fallacious reasoning and it impugns Barr’s integrity and his reputation as a lawyer. Worse, it represents a troubling effort to paper over the acknowledged evidence that Mr. Trump committed a crime in public view.”

Barr is about to be questioned under oath by multiple congressional committees, and he’d better not lie to them or he can add perjury to the list of crimes he may well have already committed on behalf of the illegitimate president he so willingly serves.

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Don’t Believe The Spin – Donald Trump Is STILL Screwed

Minutes after Attorney General William Barr’s four-page “summary” of the Mueller report was released to Congress and the press, Donald Trump’s defenders began proclaiming that it completely exonerated the president and was great news for the White House.

That’s simply not true.

As House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler noted immediately after he read over the summary:

Nadler also revealed that he will be calling the attorney general to testify before his committee very soon:

Since we haven’t seen the entire report, we cannot possibly know if Barr is telling us the full story about what the special counsel found regarding conspiracy, obstruction of justice, and other crimes. And William Barr was handpicked by Donald Trump, so can he be trusted? That remains unclear.

But the real reason the Mueller report summary doesn’t let Trump off the hook is because there remains dozens of other investigations going on in various jurisdictions across the country, on both the federal and state level. As Axios reported last December:

“There are known cooperators in almost every single one of these … open cases, from Michael Cohen to National Enquirer chief David Pecker to former Manafort aides Sam Patten and Rick Gates.”

Here’s a taste of those investigations (and the crimes in question) , each of which could wind up leading to more indictments:

  • Campaign conspiracy and Trump Organization finances
  • Foreign lobbying
  • The Trump Foundation
  • The Trump inaugural committee
  • Emoluments lawsuit

The biggest exposure Trump faces involves financial matters, and that’s where he remains most vulnerable. There are suggestions of money laundering, influence peddling, and numerous instances of pay to play.

Trump is already celebrating on Twitter:

We don’t know if there was collusion or not. We won’t until we see the entire report. There was evidence of obstruction, the case just wasn’t prosecuted. And it was not a total exoneration.

So if you’re thinking Trump just got away with criminal acts, keep in mind he’s not in the clear yet. There are many more shoes waiting to drop. And when they do, Trump won’t be cheering.

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EXPOSED: Trump Caught Stealing Millions From Reelection Campaign

It has been speculated that the main reason Donald Trump ran for the White House in 2016 was to garner free publicity he could then leverage to raise his profile and increase the value of his brand. In other words, it’s always about money for Trump, and his presidential race was no exception.

Now that he’s president, Trump is still trying to make a killing, despite his insistence that he’s handed over his business interests to his sons Eric and Don Jr.

Forbes is reporting that Trump is stealing money from his 2020 reelection campaign:

“Donald Trump has charged his own reelection campaign $1.3 million for rent, food, lodging and other expenses since taking office, according to a Forbes analysis of the latest campaign filings. And although outsiders have contributed more than $50 million to the campaign, the billionaire president hasn’t handed over any of his own cash. The net effect: $1.3 million of donor money has turned into $1.3 million of Trump money.”

Yes, you read that correctly: Donors gave money to reelect Trump and he took $1.3 million of that money and put it into his own pockets. That’s the very definition of “highway robbery.”

When he first announced he would be seeking the presidency in 2016, Trump proudly bragged:

“I don’t need anybody’s money. I’m using my own money. I’m not using the lobbyists. I’m not using donors. I don’t care. I’m really rich.”

That, of course, like nearly everything Trump says, is a gigantic lie.

Part of the scheme Trump is running to divert campaign funds to him also involves what certainly sounds like fraud: Charging rent for buildings that aren’t even been used for the reported purpose:

“In addition, the campaign has paid $54,000 to Trump Plaza LLC, which controls a property that includes two brownstone apartment buildings in New York City.

“A person working behind the front desk couldn’t make sense of it either. ‘If there was any kind of office rented out for campaigning or whatever, I would know about it.'”

While the Federal Elections Commission is unlikely to bust Trump for these blatant violations of campaign finance law, keep in mind the Southern District of New York is working on a racketeering case against the president and the Trump Organization. So these revelations from Forbes could well become part of a larger criminal complaint against Trump.

With each day, we learn of new crimes committed by this lawless grifter who may have betrayed his country. Time to lock him up.