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Michael Cohen’s Testimony Guarantees Donald Trump Jr. Is Going To Prison

This has been the day from hell for the Trump family, especially Donald Trump Jr., who has now been implicated by the president’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, in the conspiracy to pay hush money to women who allege they had extramarital affairs with the president.

Cohen gave the House Oversight Committee evidence that proves Don Jr. was involved in the money paid to adult film star Stormy Daniels so she wouldn’t reveal her relationship with the president just months before the 2016 election. That makes Don Jr. part of a conspiracy to commit bank and wire fraud.

The New York Times reports:

“At the hearing on Capitol Hill, Mr. Cohen produced two checks that he said were among 11 payments to reimburse him for the $130,000 he had paid with his own money to one of those women, the pornographic film actress Stephanie Clifford, known professionally as Stormy Daniels.

“One check, dated March 17, 2017, bore the signatures of Donald Jr. and Mr. Weisselberg. The other, dated Aug. 1, 2017, had the president’s own signature.”

The top check bears the signatures of Don Jr. and Trump Org. CFO Alan Weisselberg. The bottom check contains President Trump’s signature.

Cohen also shot holes in Junior’s assertion that he never told his father about the infamous Trump Tower meeting in June of 2016. That meeting, you’ll recall, was attended by Don Jr., Paul Manafort, and Jared Kushner. They were meeting with Russian nationals for “dirt” on Hillary Clinton. The Washington Post notes this passage from Cohen’s prepared statement:

“I remember being in the room with Mr. Trump, probably in early June 2016, when something peculiar happened. Don Jr. came into the room and walked behind his father’s desk — which in itself was unusual. People didn’t just walk behind Mr. Trump’s desk to talk to him. I recalled Don Jr. leaning over to his father and speaking in a low voice, which I could clearly hear, and saying: ‘The meeting is all set.’ I remember Mr. Trump saying, ‘Ok good … let me know.’”

If Don Jr. testified to Congress and said he didn’t tell his father, then prosecutors also have him for perjury.

And if you’re thinking the president can just pardon his son and take him out of legal jeopardy, keep in mind that the Attorney General of New York is also investigating these financial crimes, which took place in her jurisdiction.

Donald Trump Jr. — aka Traitor Tot — is screwed. And his daddy can’t save him from prison.


Legal Expert Reveals: Trump’s Children Have Likely Been Indicted Under Seal

Each day, we wait and wonder when we’ll hear from Special Counsel Robert Mueller again, and whether there are more indictments yet to be revealed before the final Mueller report is submitted to Attorney General William Barr.

According to an attorney who represented former Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates, if members of the Trump inner circle think they’re in the clear because they haven’t yet been indicted, they’re sadly mistaken.

Shanlon Wu told Politico:

“If anyone in Trump world is breathing easy right now, I’d say they are very foolish.

“Even if Mueller’s report were to appear and didn’t implicate the president, all these other criminal investigations will continue. That’s not going to be the magic bullet that solves everything. I’d be very concerned if I was a lawyer or a potential target in that world right now.”

That warning should be of special significance to Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, Ivanka Trump, and Jared Kushner, all of whom have ties to the Trump Organization, which is being probed by Mueller and also by investigators with the U.S. Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York.

In particular, Don Jr. and Jared are in tremendous jeopardy because both of them testified before Congress under oath. If they lied, they face charges of perjury, which could land them in prison for five years.

A Republican insider said the White House isn’t taking the possibility of perjury seriously enough:

“These guys took the whole Congress thing way too lightly. They didn’t understand that members actually listen, take notes and record this sh*t. I think they all took it way too nonchalantly and didn’t think it matters — and boy, does it.”

It’s likely that Mueller and other prosecutors have already obtained sealed indictments charging top officials connected to Trump, especially his family, which continues to run his business while he’s in office.

Also, the Mueller report won’t be the end of the line for the Trump family. Their legal problems may go on for years, no matter what Mueller’s report says. As one former Trump campaign adviser warned:

“We’ve all strapped in and I wouldn’t advise anyone to unbuckle.”

That’s right: The Trumps are in for a very bumpy ride.


Cohen Will Provide Congress With Documents Detailing Trump’s Criminal Acts: REPORT

President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney and fixer, Michael Cohen, will be testifying before three different Congressional committees this week, with one — before the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday — being public and televised. And while it’s clear that Cohen has plenty of information he can share with members of Congress, it now appears he’s also bringing lots of documentation that will be entered into evidence as proof that Trump has committed numerous crimes.

NBC News national security correspondent Ken Dilanian said Monday that Cohen’s testimony could be very damaging to the president, and will begin with the lies he told to Congress in his previous appearance, before he became a cooperating witness with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and prosecutors in the Southern District of New York:

“He’s expected to address, first of all, his lies to those (congressional) committees on the timing of the Trump Tower and Moscow deal, the fact that it was going on much longer than he admitted in public and much longer than Donald Trump acknowledged.”

In particular, Cohen can shed light on the many business connections Trump has to Russia, Dilanian added and he’s got physical evidence he plans to bring with him:

“I’m told Cohen has been prepping with this for a long time, and he knows he’s got credibility issues, so he’s coming with documents, and he’s got very detailed, sordid and, what (attorney) Lanny Davis has described as chilling stories of what how the president conducts himself behind closed doors.

“We shouldn’t underestimate how powerful seeing a Trump insider who has been with Donald Trump for more than 10 years telling these stories before the glare of the television lights.”

Yes, Cohen is going to tell everything he knows, and he’s even bringing the receipts, which could well give the House Judiciary Committee all they need to initiate impeachment hearings against Trump. Documents, unlike people, don’t lie, and it’s always the paper trail that trips up white-collar criminals such as the Grifter-in-Chief currently occupying the Oval Office.

The nation will be riveted to Cohen’s testimony on Wednesday. When he’s finished, we could be looking at the beginning of the end of Donald Trump.

Here’s Ken Dilanian on MSNBC Monday morning:

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Mueller Report Being Delayed Until Don Jr. and Jared Are Indicted

Earlier this week, CNN, NBC News, and the Washington Post all reported that the long-awaited report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller was about to be delivered to newly confirmed Attorney General William Barr.

But by Friday, those reports were proven to be wrong, with a senior Justice Department official telling NBC that Barr would not be receiving the special counsel’s report by the end of next week.

So what happened? Why a complete 180 degree turn in the span of just a few days?

Former U.S. Attorney Barbara McQuade said Saturday she’s convinced the delay is due to pending indictments, and she even suggested those indictments have two prominent names on them: Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.

During an appearance on MSNBC Saturday, McQuade laid out how she had come to her hypothesis:

“The fact that all of the documents that continue to come out, continue to have redactions in them suggest that there are still investigations that are not quite wrapped up. Now it could be when someone is investigated that doesn’t necessarily mean they will be a charge — it means charges are being looked at. If they find evidence that the crimes were committed, there could be charges. one area under scrutiny is whether other people have lied to Congress.”

Numerous individuals — Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone — have been charged with lying to investigators or during Congressional testimony, and we recently learned that the House Intelligence Committee has shared transcripts of Don Jr. and Kushner’s testimony with Mueller’s team of investigators.

McQuade then made a logical conclusion based on what we already know and what we’ve seen from Robert Mueller:

“Michael Cohen admitted to lying about Trump Tower Moscow and forced to plead guilty to that offense even though it brought no additional prison time and there were redactions from his sentencing memo where around the topic that talked about providing valuable information in the form of substantial assistance about circulating his testimony regarding that matter with others. So I would think that if others lied about that matter, other matters, we might see charges against them. That would include Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner.”

There’s one final batch of BIG NAME indictments coming from Robert Mueller. And they’re the ones Donald Trump and the White House fear the most.


Multiple States Ready To File Charges Against Trump After Mueller Report Drops

Every move he’s made at both the FBI and Department of Justice suggests that Donald Trump knows there’s plenty of evidence against him on federal crimes such as conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, and campaign finance violations. He’s tried to stack the deck in his favor and now is merely waiting to see if he can survive the release of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

But even if Trump does manage to wriggle off the hook on federal charges, that’s not the end of the legal jeopardy he faces, according to former FBI agent Asha Rangappa, who spells out the danger for the president from various states that may also seek to file criminal charges.

In an op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post, Rangappa notes:

“Once Mueller wraps up his investigation, the path will be clear for bringing state charges against people who have violated state law. This could be bad news for Trump. His pardon power cannot reach state crimes, so there is no get-out-of-jail-free card for people charged under state law. Because states do not answer to the Justice Department, no U.S. Attorney General, no matter how loyal, can put a stop to their investigations.”

States are also not bound by the long DOJ precedent that a sitting president cannot be indicted:

“There is nothing under current law that would prevent a state from charging Trump himself with a crime. Such an action would be unprecedented and inevitably result in a major constitutional showdown, but even the best-case scenario (for Trump) would be that prosecution gets deferred until he leaves office, which would still leave him cornered from a legal perspective and raise the likelihood of impeachment.”

What states might be interested in filing charges against Trump? Well, New York would be one. But he might also face criminal indictment in Florida (where Mar-a-Lago is). He might even be liable for charges such as money laundering and fraud in every state where he owns property.

So while Robert Mueller may be close to presenting his report to Trump’s hand-picked attorney general, William Barr — who has hinted he might not share the details of the Russia probe with Congress or the public — Donald Trump is far from in the clear, and he’s about to find out the hard way the full meaning of the old saying, “When it rains, it pours.”