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MSNBC Host: Roger Stone Email Trail PROVES Trump Conspired With Russia

Something odd happened on Tuesday: We learned of a harebrained scheme cooked up by two right-wing morons who were willing to pay women to allege they had been sexually harassed/assaulted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. In response,  Mueller referred the case to the FBI, and the two hapless dolts face multiple federal charges that could place them behind bars for years.

Less strange (but equally intriguing), was a report from The Washington Post which suggested that Mueller is moving closer to indicting longtime Trump ally Roger Stone:

“The special counsel investigation into President Trump’s longtime ally Roger Stone is pressing witnesses about Stone’s private interactions with senior campaign officials and whether he had knowledge of politically explosive Democratic emails that were released in October 2016, according to multiple people familiar with the probe.”

Stone, you may recall, bragged about having inside information about when WikiLeaks would release emails hacked from servers at the Democratic National Committee and later leaked in the final months of the 2016 presidential race.

And as Nicolle Wallace noted on her daily MSNBC show, “Deadline: White House,” the Post report seems to provide the final proof that Trump and members of his campaign are indeed guilty of conspiring with Russia:

“[This] seems to be the story that a lot of people were expecting that would confirm, Robert Mueller, who’s already charged 13 Russians with a conspiracy to effect and impact the 2016 election, is simply looking for one more dot to connect the Trump campaign — or Trump’s associates — would be that conspiracy. This would seem to be it — the stolen emails and timing of their release and their knowledge of that.”

Guest Phil Rucker of the Post agreed, noting:

“It shows how much Mueller is doing. We think he’s gone dark because there have not been public announcements or big, splashy indictments this fall, but the special counsel’s office is very much plugging along, building their case, and there could be some activity after the election.”

How ironic would it be if emails –the very same issue Trump used against Hillary Clinton — wind up being the proverbial smoking gun that destroys Donald Trump? It’s the ultimate in karma.

Here’s Nicolle Wallace:

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Something BIG Is About To Break In The Russia Probe: DETAILS

The midterm election is now just a week away, and there are reports the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller is nearing a conclusion. That means we can expect a lot of activity in the form of indictments and plea agreements beginning on November 7 and continuing through the remainder of the year.

Just this week, we were handed some new information which suggests Mueller is putting the squeeze on longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone by assisting the Justice Department in arranging for the extradition of WikiLeaks founder/ international fugitive Julian Assange. Reuters reported Monday that Ecuador — where Assange is currently living in exile — is on the verge of handing over Assange to the United States:

“WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Monday that Ecuador is seeking to end his asylum in its London embassy and hand him over to the United States, but a judge rejected his lawsuit over embassy living conditions.”

Granted, Assange is known to fabricate things in order to gain sympathy and donations, but if an indictment is handed down by one of Mueller’s grand juries with the names Roger Stone and Julian Assange on it, Ecuador would be placed in a difficult bind. Do they dare anger the most powerful nation in the world in order to protect Julian Assange? Is Assange worth such a gamble? Ecuador receives tens of millions in foreign aid from the U.S. each year. Are they willing to risk losing that money?

Let’s say Assange is indicted and handed over. If he chooses to save his own skin — (and why wouldn’t he? He has no allegiance to Stone or Donald Trump) — and testify as to what he knows about the 2016 election and Russia, that could wind up being the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back for Trump. Assange can corroborate exactly what assistance Russia gave Trump to assure he won the presidency and what the Russians wanted in exchange.

Once the election is over with — no matter who wins and winds up in control Congress — Mueller and his team are going to play their final cards. The investigation is already so far along that Trump cannot hope to shut it down, no matter what he does.

Robert Mueller is getting ready to expose the treachery and lies of Donald Trump. Buckle up, because things are about to start moving at light speed.

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American Intelligence Concludes: Donald Trump Has Been A ‘Russian Agent’ For Years

While it’s already been established that Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign team had multiple contacts with Russians with connections to the Kremlin and Russian oligarchs loyal to Vladimir Putin, Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has no connections to Russia whatsoever, business, personal, or otherwise.

But a recent report from former National Security Agency (NSA) analyst John Schindler exposes the fact that U.S. intelligence agencies have considered Trump a Russian agent for years.

In a column he wrote for the Observer, Schindler notes:

“The counterintelligence investigation of Donald Trump was kicked off by not one, not two, but multiple [intelligence] reports which set off alarm bells inside our Intelligence Community.”

By the time Trump was on the verge of clinching the Republican nomination, Schindler goes on to explain, numerous foreign intelligence agencies (including the British) were reporting to their American counterparts that Trump was a compromised figure who could not be trusted. That same conclusion had then been reached by the U.S. intelligence community:

“NSA understood quite a bit about Trump’s connections to Moscow, and by mid-2016 it had increased its efforts to get to the bottom of the mystery regarding the candidate’s Russian ties. In response to urgent FBI requests for more information, NSA rose to the occasion, and by the time that Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican nomination in mid-July 2016, ‘We knew we had a Russian agent on our hands,’ as a senior NSA official put it to me recently.”

That’s right: Donald Trump, according to the NSA, is a Russian agent.

Intercepted communiques from Russia only served to confirm what the NSA had determined:

“‘The Kremlin talked about Trump like he was their boy, and their comments weren’t always flattering.’ The NSA official stated that those above-top-secret reports left no doubt that the Russians were subverting our democracy in 2016—and that Team Trump was a witting participant in the Kremlin’s criminal conspiracy: ‘Trump and his kids knew what they were doing, and who they were doing it with.'”

So the next time you hear Donald Trump deny he has any connections to Russia, keep in mind that he’s been in the pocket of the Russians for years, and the evidence is undeniable.


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New Court Filing Suggests Mueller’s Grand Jury Is On The Verge Of Some MAJOR Indictments

On Thursday, as the nation was focused on the package bombs being mailed to Democratic political figures, news organizations, and others who have criticized Donald Trump, a filing in a federal court located in New York gave us tantalizing hints at what the next move by Special Counsel Robert Mueller will be in the Russia investigation.

BuzzFeed and USA Today both report that the filing — which was in response to a request by the New York Times that a federal judge unseal search warrants and other materials connected with the FBI raid on the office and residences of former Trump attorney Michael Cohen — give us a peek behind the curtain when it comes to the way  Mueller’s team is building their conspiracy case against the president and members of his 2016 campaign. USA Today notes:

“[Such] disclosure would almost certainly result in a very public guessing game in which the media and members of the public attempted to guess the identities of the uncharged parties described in the materials – particularly [sic] the campaign finance portions. This would leave those individuals in the unfair position of defending against speculation that they were or currently are under investigation.”

“Campaign finance portions” would seem to refer to any funds used to help buttress the 2016 Trump campaign, including from foreign sources or individuals who may have contributed illegal money in violation of American election laws. It could also include services donated to the Trump effort, including ads purchased on social media sites in the closing days of the 2016 presidential race.

Since we know Cohen and former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort have already pled guilty and are fully cooperating with Mueller, who else might be part of the grand jury’s work and could soon see their name on indictments? Here’s a partial list:

Donald Trump Jr.

Junior was one of the key figures present at the June 2016 Trump Tower meeting at which Russian nationals promised to turn over “dirt” Russian intelligence had on Hillary Clinton.

Jared Kushner

Kushner was also present at the Trump Tower meeting and also serves as a senior adviser to the president. It has long been suspected that Kushner may have laundered money for Russia oligarchs in violation of U.S. law.

Roger Stone

Stone has bragged that he was the go-between for the Trump campaign with WikiLeaks, and his name keeps coming up in any discussion of the Russia probe.

Those three are at the top of the pecking order for Mueller and his investigators. Don’t be surprised if their indictments — along with several others — are unsealed shortly after the November 6 midterm election.

Lock them all up!

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Text Messages Provide Proof Trump Camp Conspired With Russia And WikiLeaks: REPORT

Since the investigation being conducted into the 2016 election by Special Counsel Robert Mueller began, many have wondered if perhaps a “smoking gun” would ever be uncovered which conclusively proves that members of the Trump campaign did indeed commit a criminal conspiracy with Russia to elect Donald Trump as president.

And now a new report from David Corn of Mother Jones would seem to provide just such evidence, in the form of text messages sent by Roger Stone, a senior campaign adviser to Trump, regarding a possible pardon of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who leaked hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in the heat of the 2016 presidential race:

“In early January, Roger Stone, the longtime Republican operative and adviser to Donald Trump, sent a text message to an associate stating that he was actively seeking a presidential pardon for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange—and felt optimistic about his chances. ‘I am working with others to get JA a blanket pardon,’ Stone wrote, in a January 6 exchange of text messages obtained by Mother Jones. ‘It’s very real and very possible. Don’t fuck it up.’ Thirty-five minutes later, Stone added, ‘Something very big about to go down.'”

If indeed Stone was in contact with the White House about a possible pardon for Assange, that would not only provide a direct link between WikiLeaks (which received the stolen DNC emails from Russian hackers) and the Trump campaign, it would also constitute evidence that Trump conspired to obstruct justice by keeping Assange silent in exchange for a pardon. As Paul Rosenzweig, a former senior counsel to Kenneth Starr on the Whitewater investigation, explained:

“If Stone worked with WikiLeaks on the release DNC emails, an effort by Stone to try to help Assange secure a pardon could be considered evidence of a conspiracy to obstruct justice.”

News of the Stone’s text messages comes just days after the Washington Post reported that a close friend of Stone’s, Randy Credico, recently testified before a federal grand jury that Stone had informed him in September 2016 that he had an inside source providing him with updates on what WikiLeaks would release in the closing weeks of the presidential race.

Mueller’s ultimate goal is to charge Stone and compel his testimony before a grand jury so that he can determine how deeply Trump is involved in the larger conspiracy.

At the moment, Stone is in the crosshairs, and the only choice he will soon have is to spend the rest of his life in prison or testify against others, including the president. Which would you choose?