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Don Jr. May Be Planning To Plead The Fifth When Mueller Interviews Him (DETAILS)

Over the years, Donald Trump has made disparaging remarks about anyone who dares to invoke their Fifth Amendment privilege to not incriminate themselves, saying:

“The mob takes the Fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?”

And yet, in what may well wind up being one of the greatest examples of karmic irony in modern history, it now looks as if his son, Donald Trump Jr., is planning to plead the Fifth when he sits down for his impending interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

While you let that sink in, keep in mind that Junior’s fingerprints are all over the efforts to make contact with Russians during the 2016 campaign. Here’s a couple of the highlights:

  • June, 2016: Don Jr., along with Jared Kushner and then-campaign chairman Paul Manafort (who just happens to be under multiple indictments at the moment) met Russian attorney/spy Natalia Veselnitskaya about “dirt” the Russians allegedly had on Hillary Clinton.
  • August 2016: Donald Trump Jr. met with an emissary of two Arab princes who said they were eager to “help his (Donald Trump Jr’s) father win election as president.”

Clearly, Junior has a lot to answer for, but when the questions begin, it now seems he may well say he cannot answer them on the grounds that to do so might incriminate him.

Monday on MSNBC, former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Harry Litman told Katy Tur that he thinks Donald Trump Jr. will indeed take the Fifth:

“I want to say one quick point. 

“I think all that’s right but I was going to say, Trump, Jr. may take the fifth. I think it’s possible he (Mueller) won’t get an interview with Trump, Jr.”

As deeply as Junior is implicated in the conspiracy involving Russia, if he were to speak and not invoke the Fifth Amendment, he would open himself up to the kind of legal consequences that would put him prison for 30 years or more.

So, using the president’s own words, it sounds like Don Jr. is guilty as homemade sin.

Here’s the discussion of Junior taking the Fifth from MSNBC:

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REVEALED: Mueller Has The Trump Campaign’s 2016 Social Media Dirty Tricks Manual

All during the 2016 campaign, it seemed that the Trump team was constantly one step ahead of its competitors, as if they had a secret strategy for dealing with every eventuality and how to best attack their opponents.

As it turns out, that overall strategy was formulated in part by an Israeli intelligence firm, which came up with a slick PowerPoint presentation in which they bragged about how they helped manipulate social media in order to benefit Trump.

That entire manual of dirty tricks is now in the possession of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

According to a new report from the Wall Street Journal, the report included topics such as:

  • Fake news sites
  • “Avatar seeding”

The manual was never supposed to see the light of day and contains warnings on it that read, “Confidential” and “Do Not Circulate.”

Here’s a page from the manual:

This report is quite literally the keys to the kingdom for Mueller. It provides him with a detailed blueprint for exactly how Trump and his co-conspirators used Facebook and other social media sites to drive the debate and attack their opponents. It also proves that Trump had assistance from foreign entities, which is in direct violation of federal election law.

Earlier today during an appearance on CNN, Rudy Giuliani, attempting to defend Trump against the growing allegations of wrongdoing that are swirling around the Oval Office, was asked by host Dana Bash:

“You are confident that there is no collusion?”

Giuliani replied:

“I can’t be confident. Am I confident because I was in that campaign at a very intimate level? Nobody talked about or knew about Russians. This came as a surprise to me and to the president. You go out to the outer orbit, how do I know what is going on? I don’t think that would matter.”

That’s the new “defense” being offered by the White House: If there was a conspiracy with Russia to get Trump elected, he knew nothing about it. How’s that for a move of desperation? It sounds like even the Trump faithful know the end is near.

Robert Mueller has all of the evidence, and now we know he even has the playbook used by Trump and his campaign in order to help assure he was elected.

The Russia investigation just became a slam dunk for Mueller.

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Michael Avenatti Is About To Bring A World Of Hurt Down On Donald Trump

On Thursday, Michael Avenatti, who serves as the attorney for adult film star Stormy Daniels, was back in court making Donald Trump’s life even more miserable and preparing to serve the president with a big helping of karma.

What is Avenatti trying to do? Well, he says that due to recent developments in the investigation being conducted into Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen, and statements made by both Trump and Rudy Giuliani, he should be allowed to move forward with deposing the president in regard to the defamation case his client has filed against Trump.

The filing made by Avenatti, the Washington Post reports, was very specific in its language:

“In Thursday’s court filing, Avenatti said he would agree not to take sworn testimony from Cohen during the 90-day period, but said ‘new facts call into question whether Mr. Cohen’s Fifth Amendment rights relating to the matters at issue in this case are as compelling as previously argued.’

“Instead, Avenatti wants to depose Trump, who he says is not under investigation for his dealings with Stormy Daniels.”

Keep in mind that Trump has been all over the place with his comments on hush money payments made to Daniels. He initially said he knew nothing about the $130,000 paid to her by Cohen, but Giuliani later admitted that the president did know of the payment and repaid Cohen. As Avennati commented when he filed his paperwork for consideration by  U.S. District Judge S. James Otero:

“Mr. Giuliani and Mr. Trump shot themselves in the foot by publicly making statements regarding the issues in our case. We believe the motion is on very solid footing.”

The day before his filing, Avenatti predicted that we should all keep an eye on what is about to happen, saying:

“There’s going to be a considerable amount of fireworks in the coming weeks.”

If Judge Otero does indeed allow for Trump to be deposed by Avenatti, it could well be disastrous for the president. The deposition would be on video, and there’s little doubt that at least portions of the video would leak out. Then Trump would be trying to fight off the growing investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller while intimate details of his sexual habits and perversions are laid bare for the world to see. The embarrassment alone would be devastating for Trump.

Keep a close eye on what happens over the next week or two. We might be watching Avenatti and Daniels help bring an end to the criminal reign of Donald J. Trump.

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Trump’s Worst Fears About The Russia Probe Just Came True

Since he first announced he would be running for president way back in 2015, Donald Trump has been sitting on a secret he hoped would never be uncovered by anyone.

We all recall Trump saying he’d be glad to release his tax returns and then changing his mind, claiming he was unable to do so because he’s being audited. Problem is, a person under audit can easily share their tax documents with whoever they wish; even the IRS says so.

What Trump never accounted for was the appointment of Robert Mueller to be special counsel. And with that appointment, the president’s financial records then became fair game for Mueller’s investigators.

Here’s two things it’s safe to assume:

  • Mueller has all of Trump’s tax returns.
  • Federal agents have all of the pertinent financial documents that were in the possession of Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney.

As Vox reports, the Russia probe can now go in 9 possible directions, but the one that keeps Trump up at night is all about the money:

“In mid-March, the New York Times reported that Mueller had recently subpoenaed the Trump Organization for documents ‘related to Russia and other topics he is investigating,’ in the clearest sign yet that Trump’s business has come under Mueller’s scrutiny.

“Furthermore, McClatchy reported that Mueller’s investigators ‘showed up unannounced’ at a Trump business associate’s home in early April and questioned him or her about the company’s overseas dealings — with a particular focus on Michael Cohen’s role in those dealings.”

Cohen had been instrumental in trying to arrange financing and other matters for the construction of a Trump Tower in Moscow during the 2016 campaign. He also served as the point man for building projects in the nations of Georgia and Kazakhstan.

In April, Adam Davidson of the New Yorker predicted that Trump’s business deals in Russia and other places would expose massive “criminality” by Trump that he says will spell the “endgame” of his presidency.

Just as we learned in Watergate, it’s all about following the money. And the money trail with Trump leads to some very dark areas the president wishes he could have kept hidden forever.

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What Paul Manafort Is About To Do Has Trump Terrified (DETAILS)

When it comes to the investigation being conducted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, no one associated with Donald Trump has been as intimately involved in the 2016 collusion case as the former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, who had dozens of connections to Russia thanks to “consulting work” he did for various individuals and companies that have extensive ties to the Kremlin.

It has long been speculated that Manafort is the key to the Mueller probe, and the fact that he’s been charged with more crimes than any other suspect in the case certainly seems to add validity to that theory. Manafort is looking at spending the rest of his life in federal prison on charges that range from tax and bank fraud to conspiracy against the United States.

So what exactly is Manafort supposed to do if he wants to avoid spending the next 30 to 40 years behind bars? The only move he has left is to plead guilty of lesser charges and agree to cooperate with Mueller’s team of investigators.

Nelson W. Cunningham, who served as a federal prosecutor in the Southern District of New York under Rudolph Giuliani and general counsel of the Senate Judiciary Committee, speculates that Manafort is about to flip on Trump, and that’s got Trump in a tizzy, firing off tweets about people spying on his campaign.

In an article for Politico, Cunningham notes:

“Manafort at the moment is exercising his own Hail Mary defense: claiming that Mueller has exceeded his authority in charging him. That claim was roundly dismissed last week in the D.C. court, and in all likelihood the Alexandria court will follow suit. Rosenstein’s charge to Mueller to investigate allegations that Manafort ‘[c]ommitted a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government’ could not be more clear.”

Manafort’s former business partner, Rick Gates, has already agreed to assist Mueller in exchange for leniency, so that puts even more pressure on Manafort to make a deal of his own. That, Cunningham adds, gives us a new equation for what we can now expect in the months ahead:

“Once his Hail Mary motions fail, Manafort (and Mueller) will have every incentive to quickly reach a resolution. Manafort, who is 69, does not want to spend the rest of his years in prison.”

Once Manafort is in the fold and Mueller has his testimony, Trump can either choose to talk to Mueller or not. Whether the president agrees to an interview or not is a moot point. Either way, Mueller can write his report and make his recommendations. Then, if Trump wants to tell his side of the story, he can do so before a judge and jury and/or at his impeachment.