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WATCH: Cornered Paul Ryan Gets Testy When Reporter Asks About Release Of ‘Reckless’ Nunes Memo

Monday evening, despite warnings from the FBI and Department of Justice, the House Intelligence Committee, led by Trump lapdog Devin Nunes (R-CA), voted to release their controversial “memo” detailing alleged abuses by the nation’s premier law enforcement agency.

That same committee, however, refused to release a contradictory report which had been compiled by Democrats on the committee, indicating that Nunes and his fellow Republicans are engaged in a blatantly political and underhanded attempt to smear anyone who dares to investigate Donald Trump, i.e. Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

During his daily press briefing Tuesday morning, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan — who could order the Nunes memo to be withheld until the DOJ signs off on it — was asked by CNN reporter Manu Raju why it was OK to release the GOP memo but not the Democratic one. Ryan responded:

“I think we should disclose all this stuff. I think sources and methods we’ve gotta protect, no two ways about it for sure, 100 percent. But I think disclosure is the way to go. It’s the best disinfectant. And I think we need to disclose, that brings us accountability, that brings us transparency, that helps us clean up any problem we have with (the Justice Department) and FBI.”

Translation: How dare the FBI and DOJ investigate Donald Trump! Who in the hell do they think they are?

Ryan also claimed that the Democratic memo had not yet been properly vetted, so it would have to wait for that process to be completed.

When Raju followed up and wondered aloud if it might be fairer to release both memos simultaneously, the Speaker snapped at him:

“You’ve asked enough.”

What was THAT?! Can Ryan not handle a single follow-up question? Is that because he knows he has no logical response to the query?

Something stinks here, and it smells a lot like treason. Maybe we need a special counsel to take a look at Ryan, too.


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Trump Toadies On ‘Fox & Friends’ Say Criticizing Donnie Is ‘So Anti-American’ (VIDEO)

Over at Trump TV (also known as Fox “News”), they love Donald Trump so much that at times it seems the hosts have agreed to bow or curtsy anytime the Orange Menace’s name is mentioned on the network.

Kilmeade whined:

“Isn’t it amazing, the timing, something comes up about the Russia investigation, like for example, a story that could have broken in June comes out in January after the president goes to Davos and is treated like a rock star.”

Trump was treated like a “rock star” at Davos? He was laughed at, booed, and ridiculed behind his back, the same as he always is when he opens his big mouth and belches out his patented lies and bullshit.

Spicer joined the debate, saying Trump would also get no respect when he delivers his State of the Union address Tuesday evening:

“Somebody will dig something up from when he was, like, 8 years old about how he didn’t clean his tray.”

And then co-host Ainsley Earhardt laid this fresh turd of fascism in response:

“It’s just so anti-American. Where is the unity?”

It’s anti-American to criticize a man who may have committed treason with Russia and who continually attacks women, African-Americans, and anyone that doesn’t agree with him?

As for unity, the irony and hypocrisy of that cannot possibly be overstated. For eight years, Fox and the Republicans slammed President Obama for every word he uttered. They attacked his wife for wearing sleeveless dresses, for God’s sake! Unity? Gimme a freaking break!

Fox has never been and never will be a news network. They should officially change their name to the Trump Television Network and be done with it.



Right Wing Morons WTF?!

Deranged Fox Host So Obsessed With Hillary, She’s Literally Stalking Her (VIDEO)

Why are Republicans so damn obsessed with Hillary Clinton? They won the election in 2016, yet Donald Trump is constantly bringing up the former Secretary of State. And on Trump TV (aka Fox “News”) the fascination with Clinton has reached critical mass in recent weeks as they try desperately to divert attention away from the many scandals facing Trump and members of his administration.

But what Fox host Jeanine Pirro did Saturday night was so spectacularly pathetic that it crossed the line from absurd to creepy.

Pirro aired footage she and her crew took in Chappaqua, New York, where the Clintons now live. In the segment, Pirro talked to people at a dry cleaner, pizza shop, bookstore, and nail salon, asking if any of them had seen Hillary. When they all said no, Pirro turned to the camera and announced:

“OK, so I spoke to some people in Chappaqua, now I’m still looking for Hillary so I’m off to the woods.”

Cut to a scene of Pirro in the woods. The moronic host then starts calling Clinton’s name. She asks her incredibly small audience of viewers:

“Do you think she’s home writing another book? Or maybe she’s still reading ‘What Happened’ because she can’t figure out what happened?”

Here’s the first question that comes to mind: WTF is going on here? Why do so many of the fake reporters at Fox seem to have a need to continually bring up Hillary Clinton? What is this fascination with a person who is merely living her life?

Even Clinton has noticed, and commented last year that Fox seems to think she lives in the White House:

“Because they spend a disproportionate amount of their time talking about impeaching me.”

Yes, they certainly do. No matter the subject or topic of debate, anytime Trump or his surrogates need to change the narrative, they always go after Clinton. It’s enough to make you think they’ve got something to hide and prefer to point at a woman they know they could never have beaten without assistance from the Kremlin.


Here’s a tip for Jeanine Pirro: If you wanna go play in the woods, be sure and go where there are lots of angry bears. That might actually get you some decent ratings.


Right Wing Morons Trump-Russia

Right-Wing Conspiracy Theorist Gets Dragged On TV For Calling Attempted Mueller Firing ‘Fake News’

Sometimes in life, karma waits around the corner and makes a perfectly-timed appearance when needed to take down a right-wing lugnut pushing conspiracy theories on live TV.

Such was the case Saturday with conservative commentator Stephanie Hamill. Hamill was on MSNBC to discuss the report from The New York Times that Donald Trump tried to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller last June, just months after Mueller had been appointed to investigate the 2016 election. Asked about that report, Hamill took a page from the tangerine doofus in the Oval Office and blithely told host Alex Witt:

“This is a fake news story. This is another New York Times piece with anonymous sources and we’ve seen the New York Times have to retract stories over and over again because of the anonymous sources. President Trump did not fire Mueller and Mueller is still on the job.”

Witt then reminded Hamill that even her beloved Fox “News” (where Hamill often appears) had verified the Times article:

“It’s been independently confirmed. NBC News has confirmed it too. How about Fox News, which I’m sure you watch from time to time? Fox News is saying Trump did have conversations about firing Mueller.”

Instead of responding, Hamill decided to turn petulant and declare:

“Fox News can report what they want. But we heard from the president, and he said he never had that conversation where he said he wanted to fire Mueller.”

And of course Donald Trump never ever lies, does he?

Liberal commentator Peter Emerson, who was also a guest, then set a verbal trap that Hamill walked right into. Emerson asked Hamill if she wanted the truth to come out about Russian interference in the election. Hamill replied:

“Yes, absolutely. Of course we want to have all the facts.”

Emerson then proceeded to remind Hamill of her own past lies, namely the one known as Pizzagate:

“Remember, in an interview you gave on camera several months ago — actually a couple of years ago — you pushed this idea of the ‘Pizzagate,’ that somehow Hillary Clinton was involved with pedophiles in a pizza store in Washington? It was so severe that the host of that show asked you to retract it. So I have no confidence in your facts.”

Boom! Every Trumpkins worst nightmare: Being confronted with facts. All Hamill could do is accuse Emerson of “stalking” her:

“Peter, I’m glad you stalked me and did some research. If you actually watch the videos you would see I was questioning some of the language that was used in the e-mails by John Podesta. I said nothing about the pizza shop, so don’t start!”

Actually, Hamill was indeed one of the tinfoil hat crowd who pushed Pizzagate. And she got her ass handed to her when she tried to start spreading more lies. Bravo, Mr. Emerson!



WATCH Ana Navarro DESTROY A Trump Supporter For Saying The Donald Isn’t Racist

In light of Donald Trump’s incredibly offensive comments about not wanting to allow immigrants from what he dubbed “shithole” countries, we now find ourselves asking a question we’ve had to confront in the past with the president: Is Donald Trump a racist?

On CNN Friday morning, GOP strategist Ana Navarro and Trump acolyte Jason Miller discussed Trump’s remarks, and Navarro admitted she was “pissed off,” and then added:

“This country is great and the reason people want to come here is because this country has been built decade after decade from the very start by people fleeing political persecution, by people fleeing ‘shitholes. They came from ‘shitholes’ in Africa, and they were shackled to the bowels of ships, and whipped and beaten and auctioned like property. A lot of them are buried in Arlington. Maybe when he was busy dodging the draft to Vietnam, instead of talking about shitholes and being a public, shameless racist, he should take a walk outside the White House and see the names imprinted on the wall and see how many people come from ‘shitholes.’”

Miller said there was nothing at all racist about what Trump said and then tried desperately to pivot:

“He will get a deal done on DACA. He is trying to get comprehensive immigration reform done in a way that Obama and Bush couldn’t.”

Navarro, however, was having none of Miller’s excuses for the president, finishing him off with this salvo:

“You look like a buffoon trying to make sense of what this man is saying! This is Donald Trump being a racist. I don’t care what you say.”

Ana’s 100 percent right: Anyone who defends comments like the ones Trump made is not only an enabler, they’re also guilty of racism by association.

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