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Rep. Steve King Gets Trolled HARD After Whining That Obamacare Has ‘Taken Over’ His Body (TWEETS)

Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King is known for never missing an opportunity to stick his foot firmly in his mouth, no matter what subject he might be discussing.

Tuesday morning on CNN, King was talking about the repeal of Obamacare, and he said the only way to make healthcare work again was to eliminate the Affordable Care Act completely, adding:

“You know the central thing for me on this. The federal government has taken over the management of our health, our skin and everything inside it. Free people, the recipients of God-given liberty — and that is a foundation for American vigor — have had our health taken over the federal government.

“That steps on American liberty. And it just diminishes the vitality of our country. I want people to have their own responsibilities.”

Women on social media couldn’t help but notice the irony of King’s remarks, not to mention his blatant hypocrisy in light of the fact that Republicans dearly love to try and tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies:

King also had the nerve to whine that his insurance under the ACA had been canceled on December 31, 2016:

“And I had roughly 90 days to find a new policy. My choices were one. That’s not free enterprise. That’s not competition.”

But what he neglected to disclose is that he’s able to get good insurance via the Federal Employee Health Benefit Plan, which guarantees he will have the best policy available and we as taxpayers get to foot the bill for it.

King is also 67 years old, which means he’s also eligible to apply for Medicare, which the vast majority of senior citizens love.

Sounds like Congressman King should be less worried about someone taking over his body and work on controlling the lies that flow so freely from his big mouth.

Here’s Congressman King being a whiny little weasel:

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Corruption WTF?!

Spicer On Trump’s Ties To Russia: ‘There Is Nothing Further To Investigate’ (VIDEO)

The latest White House strategy for dealing with questions regarding the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia seems to be a variation on the old expression, “Nothing to see here, folks.”

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer had the audacity to declare at Monday’s press briefing:

“I think Russia’s involvement in campaign activity has been investigated up and down. The question becomes, if there is nothing further to investigate, then what are you asking people to investigate?”

We’re asking them to investigate what role the Russians played in what was supposed to be a free and democratic election in this country, Sean. And if there’s nothing to investigate, why exactly is the FBI busy doing exactly that? Why did Darrell Issa say a special prosecutor should be appointed to get to the bottom of it?

While he was at it, Spicer also regurgitated this familiar line:

“The president has said time and time again that he has no [business] interests in Russia, and hasn’t talked to people from Russia for years.”

Perhaps if we could see the Con Man-in-Chief’s tax returns we might be able to verify that. Otherwise, we’re just supposed to take the word of a pathological liar? You’ll excuse us if we cry foul on that one.

Might a special prosecutor be needed to put the matter to rest, Sean?

“A special prosecutor for what? How many people have to say there is nothing there, before you realize that there is nothing there?”

When the ones saying there’s “nothing there” are all lapdogs for the administration, it’s kind of hard to go along with their willingness to be so dismissive.

Whenever the topic turns to Russia, Trumpkins and their führer always get incredibly defensive. Why is that? Usually if a person has nothing to hide, they invite scrutiny as a way of proving their innocence. But there is nothing innocent about Donald Trump or his henchmen. They’re all dirty and compromised from head to toe.

Here’s Whiny Spice at Monday’s press briefing:

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GOP Whining WTF?!

Delusional Donnie Blames Internal Leaks, National Protests On Obama (VIDEO)

As a prelude to the speech he will give to a joint session of Congress on Tuesday evening, Donald Trump talked with the airheaded bozos of Fox and Friends long enough to accuse former President Obama for all the turmoil taking place inside the White House.

Asked about the raucous town halls many Republicans are facing when they meet with their constituents, the alleged head of state said:

“I think President Obama is behind it because his people are certainly behind it.”

As per his usual, Trump offered no proof of his assertion, meaning that he engaged in what he loves to call “fake news.”

Oh, and those internal leaks flowing out of the White House like a virtual flood are also Obama’s fault, Trump alleged:

“Some of the leaks possibly come from that [Obama supporters] group, you know, some of the leaks, which are really very serious leaks, because they’re very bad…in terms of national security.”

How exactly are leaks which help expose the nature of Trump’s connection to Russia and its thug leader Vladimir Putin harmful to national security? The Fox dweebs didn’t bother to ask because they were far too busy puckering up and kissing Trump’s fat ass.

The larger problem evidenced by what this paranoid tyrant told Fox is that he cannot admit he might be wrong or responsible for the protests we’ve seen across this country. He also can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that leaks are a fact of life in Washington. If he had the ability to engage in a few seconds of self-awareness, he might come to the realization that those leaking the information are doing so in large part because they believe much of what Trump does is damaging to the country. They are hoping to influence him in a positive direction, but he refuses to accept advice from anyone.

One thing is certain: Nothing will ever be Trump’s fault. He cannot admit that he’s already a failure.

Here’s the Idiot-in-Chief whining on Fox News:

Corruption WTF?!

Trump Shill Asked About Russia Connection Goes Off On Rant About…Al Gore?! (VIDEO)

With each passing day it seems we get another revelation about contacts made by the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, and with each of these we also get the anger and denials from the so-called president via Twitter as he attempts to blame the media and those who he claims are leaking information to the media.

Monday morning on CNN, former Trump campaign official Robert Wasinger was asked by host Alisyn Camerota about what he knew regarding the Trump team’s contacts with Russian operatives, and rather than reply, Wasinger attempted to blame American intelligence agencies:

“I think right now everybody needs to take a step back. All we really know, the only thing that’s come out is that the national intelligence community illegally wiretapped [former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn] having a conversation. That’s the only thing we know. The rest of it is very imprecise allegations and rumors and innuendo. I don’t know what the allegation is about the contacts.”

How do we know the wiretapping of Flynn wasn’t done with a court order? Does Mr. Wasinger have some information that he got from Russian spies regarding how we learned of Flynn talking to the Russian ambassador about lifting American sanctions on the Russians?

Camerota reminded Wasinger:

“There were repeated contacts between high level Trump aides and Russia, and that this was before Mr. Trump was in the White House. Which, of course as we know, there’s only one president at a time so that would run afoul of rules and tradition.”

That’s when Wasinger got downright Trumpian, going off on a bizarre rant which wound up including former Vice President Al Gore:

“I think again, like I said, what we have is the national intelligence community with illegal tapping letting out that information to the Washington Post in an effort to take out former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. I think if you take a step back at some of the other elections where allegations like this have been made, particularly in ’96 with the Chinese fund-raising, we had actual evidence of the Chinese trying to influence the election through financial contributions.”

WTF?! How did we go from 2016 all the way back to 1996 and allegations that were never proven? Let’s try and stay on topic, shall we?

It’s been said before and will be said many times again in the future: There’s a lot of smoke around the Trump-Russia issue. And yes, where’s there’s smoke there is inevitably a fire.

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Economics Taxes and the Economy WTF?!

White House Releases Preview Of Tuesday’s Address To Right-Wing Media, And It’s BEYOND Bullsh*t

If perhaps you were contemplating watching Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress Tuesday evening but weren’t sure your stomach could take it, have no fear because the White House has already released an outline of what the speech will cover to right-wing sites such as InfoWars, which posted some of it Monday afternoon:

“In Tuesday night’s speech, he will lay out an optimistic vision for the country that crosses the traditional lines of party, race and socioeconomic status. It will invite Americans of all backgrounds to come together in the service of a stronger, brighter future for our nation.”

An optimistic vision? Does that mean he’s going to announce his resignation? Will he take Pence with him?

Then we get the bullet points of the same bullshit Republicans always say, especially the traitorous ones who want to try and divert attention from their collusion with Russia:

  • Tax and regulatory reform to get relief to hardworking Americans and American businesses.
  • Making the workplace better for working parents.
  • Saving American families from the disaster of Obamacare.
  • Making sure every child in America has access to a good education.
  • A great rebuilding of the American military.
  • Fulfilling our commitments to our veterans and making sure they have access to the care they need.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to the lies contained in the first part of the speech, we will also get double-talk and endless lies about:

“Americans can expect a speech that is grounded firmly in solving real problems for real people. How can we make sure that every American who needs a good job can get one? How can we get kids who are trapped in failing schools into a better school? How we can keep gangs and drugs and violent crime out of their neighborhoods?”

Wait, wait, wait! Lemme guess: Tax cuts for the super rich, taking away health insurance from millions, screwing over the neediest Americans, and pretending it’s all gonna be wonderful is gonna finally make us great again, right? I just knew you could turn this country around, Emperor Donald. All hail!

Yep, it’s warmed over bullshit and boilerplate conservative “solutions” that have failed time and time again. Pardon us if we don’t believe a word of it. Then again, why would we ever believe a single word that a pathological liar says?

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