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Donald Trump Says There Would Be One Exception To His Ban On Muslims

You may recall that several months ago Donald Trump declared that if elected President he would impose a total ban on Muslims coming into the United States. He claimed this was his plan for making sure that terrorists are not admitted into the country, and he was roundly criticized for such a blatantly Islamophobic move.

Well, it now turns out that Trump doesn’t intend for his total ban on Muslims to apply to everyone. See, he has major business interests in the Middle East, and he sure as hell wants his business partners to be able to get on their private jets and come visit him so they can carouse and think of new ways to fleece others for their hard-earned cash.

Just last night on the MSNBC town hall with Trump, he told Chris Matthews:

“I have actually—believe it or not, I have a lot of friends that are Muslim and they call me. In most cases, they’re very rich Muslims, OK?”

Well of course! Rich Muslims are always welcome in Donald’s world. If you have money, Trump doesn’t care if you call for death to America.

Matthews then asked Trump if his rich business friends would be able to come into the country under the ban. Trump replied:

“They’ll come in. You’ll have exceptions.”

Trump the hypocrite! The Daily Beast reported this in 2015 about Trump’s connections to the Middle East:

“There’s one type of Muslim Trump really loves: The ones that make him big bucks. You see, if a Muslim can show Trump the money, then all those concerns he has with Muslims go right out the window of his private jet as he jets off to the Gulf to cash in.

“For example, Trump loves Hussain Sajwani, head of the Dubai luxury real estate company Damac Properties. Trump has called the Muslim Sajwani a ‘good friend’ and a ‘great man,’ among other accolades. And in May 2014, The Donald even flew off to Dubai to spend time with his Muslim friend as they announced the massive real estate project they were teaming up to create in the United Arab Emirates.”

Donald Trump will say anything to get elected, but he’s not about to let anything stand in the way of him increasing his personal wealth. Which proves yet again why he is unfit to be garbage collector, let alone President.

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Donald Trump: Women Deserve ‘Some Form Of Punishment’ For Abortion (VIDEO)

There is perhaps no issue on which GOP front-runner Donald Trump has been more inconsistent than the matter of a woman’s right to choose, which he said he supported back when he still considered himself a pro-choice Democrat. Here’s Trump in 1999 telling the late Tim Russert on “Meet the Press” that he supports letting a woman decide:

Yet now, Trump not only claims to be opposed to abortion, he just told Chris Matthews as part of a town hall meeting that will air later tonight on MSNBC that he thinks women should face “some form of punishment” if they have one. Talk about doing a 180-degree turn!

Specifically, Matthews told Trump he could no longer dodge the issue: Should there be a total ban on abortion in the United States? To which Trump replied:

“Look, people in certain parts of the Republican Party, conservative Republicans, would say, Yes, it should. I would say it’s a very serious problem and it’s a problem we have to decide on. Are you going to send them to jail?

‘There has to be some form of punishment.”

Matthews then asked the next logical question:

“For the woman?”

Not even hesitating, Trump, according to a transcript of the town hall obtained by Bloomberg, then said:

“Yeah, (the punishment would) have to be determined.”

Then, a second later, Trump added this bit of frightening logic:

“They’ve set the law and frankly the judges, you’re going to have a very big election coming up for that reason because you have judges where it’s a real tipping point and with the loss of Scalia, who was a very strong conservative, this presidential election is going to be very important.

“When you say what’s the law, nobody knows what the law is going to be. It depends on who gets elected.”

And with that, Donald Trump proves yet again that he doesn’t even know what the law says in this country. Nobody knows what the law is going to be? That’s true enough. But we know what it is, Donald, and you should say you respect the law as it stands and will defer to the Supreme Court in the future, because you would be forced to abide by their rulings, like it or not.

Haven’t we all been punished more than enough by Donald Trump? And yet he continues to talk and prove just how out of touch he is.

You may find this brief snippet from tonight’s MSNBC Town Hall with Trump interesting:

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WATCH: Donald Trump Gets Ticked Off When ‘Today’ Host Calls His Campaign Manager A Liar

GOP front-runner Donald Trump appears to be losing his magic touch when it comes to dealing with the media, perhaps because they realize they’re dealing with a pathological liar and treat him accordingly. It’s about time!

The proof of this theory was in evidence on the “Today” show earlier this morning, when Trump showed up to try and defend the indefensible: His campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, manhandling a female reporter on March 8. Lewandowski was arrested and charged with battery yesterday in Florida.

“Today” co-host Savannah Guthrie asked Trump if he was now willing to concede that Lewandowski had flat-out lied when he claimed he had “never touched” Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields, which he clearly did as shown in video surveilance. Trump began with the standard bullshit denials and excuses, so Guthrie shut him off with this:

“He said he didn’t touch her and the video shows he touched her. Is that not a lie?”

Trump responded that he “didn’t really know,” and then contradicted himself by adding:

“She made up this story, Savannah.”

So which one is it, Donald? You either don’t know or you think Fields made the whole thing up. Pick one side and stay on it.

Later, Trump whined about how unfair it all was, asking Matt Lauer if he wanted to “destroy a man’s life after what happened?” Lauer had the perfect comeback:

“Right after this incident, Corey Lewandowski tweeted that he was calling bull-blank on Ms.Fields. He tweeted that she was delusional and he tweeted that he never touched her. The video tape easily and plainly shows that, in fact, he did grab her and did pull her. Whether you want to debate whether she almost fell down or not, he didn’t tell the truth. If you’re President of the United States and a member of your staff, your chief of staff, goes to the American people and publicly doesn’t tell the truth in the way that Corey Lewandowski hasn’t told the truth, would you put up with it?”

Of course he would! He lies more than anyone else, and he surrounds himself with those who are unfamiliar with the truth.

Corey Lewandowski deserves to be destroyed for what he is charged with doing. If he is convicted of battery, he should be hounded out of the political world for the remainder of his pathetic life. My father taught me a very important lesson when I was just a boy: A real man NEVER puts his hands on a woman in anger. NEVER EVER EVER!

Here’s Trump lying like a rug on the “Today” show:

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MSNBC Reporter Forced To Admit To Purposefully Giving Donald Trump ‘Easy Questions’

You hear it all the time, and perhaps you even sit and wonder as you watch TV: Do the networks take it easy on Donald Trump because they’re afraid he’ll cut off all access if they happen to anger him by being too tough with their questions? Last night on the MSNBC show “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,” reporter Tony Dokoupil seemed to spill the beans on the matter.

The main topic of the conversation between Dokoupil and O’Donnell was the April 5 GOP primary in Wisconsin and the interview Trump had given to Charlie Sykes, a radio host in Utah. In that interview, Sykes had basically called Trump childish and wondered aloud how a man as immature and unsteady as the real estate mogul could ever be trusted to run the most powerful nation in the world.

Dokoupil remarked that Sykes had a distinct advantage over most other news outlets: He did not have to worry about ticking off the Donald and being deep sixed for all future interviews. The Sykes interview was a one-time thing. It would never happen again, so Sykes had nothing to lose by being as rancorous as possible and letting Trump have it with both barrels. Dokoupil noted that Sykes had “pushed it as much as he could.” But what Dokoupil said next is what was most interesting. He told O’Donnell:

“[Sykes] does not even have to go back to Donald Trump ever again. People who are on the beat — people who work for our network — they have to keep that relationship going for a long, long time. Charlie did not have that burden. And as a result he has the luxury of being incredibly blistering.”

Ah, now we see! Dokoupil was basically admitting that reporters who have to cover Trump for the course of a campaign make sure to only pitch softballs to him so they will continue to be in his good graces. That sounds like the very antithesis of what is taught in every journalism school in this country.

O’Donnell attempted to gloss over what Dokoupil had just said, but the cat was already fully out of the bag. O’Donnell said:

“Well I don’t think the fact that you have to cover Donald Trump means that you then play softball with him so you guarantee he will speak to you another time. Once the mission of an interview is to get the next interview with the same person, we know how soft that interview’s going to be.”

Apparently Lawrence O’Donnell needs to either go back and read a transcript of what Dokoupil actually said, or he needs a hearing aid. We knew it, didn’t we? The questions are designed not to upset Trump. That way you get to ask him some other inane things down the road. That’s what they call journalism?

Here’s the segment from last night’s show:

Oops: MSNBC Reporter Admits to Network’s Softball Questions to ‘Keep Relationship’ With Trump

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BREAKING: Trump Campaign Manager Arrested, Charged With Battery Of Reporter

Well, well, well. Looks like Donald Trump now has to deal with the fact that the manager of his campaign, the always thuggish Corey Lewandowski, has been arrested in Palm Beach County, Florida, and charged with battery for an attack on Brietbart reporter Michelle Fields on March 8.

The report from the Jupiter Police Department said Corey Lewandowski was charged for intentionally grabbing and bruising the arm of Fields, and it also noted:

“Lewandowski grabbed (Michelle) Fields’ left arm with his right hand causing her to turn and step back.” Fields showed police her left forearm which “appeared to show a grabbing-type injury.”

Trump immediately rushed to the defense of his thuggish ex-cop campaign head, issuing a statement which read in part:

“Mr. Lewandowski is absolutely innocent of this charge. He will enter a plea of not guilty and looks forward to his day in court. He is completely confident that he will be exonerated.”