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Protester Holding Sign At Rubio Rally Roughed Up By Supporters

A protester holding a sign reading, “Marco Rubio–Empty Suit” was pushed and manhandled by Rubio supporters at a Rally in Virgina earlier this morning.

So this is what we’ve come to in American politics. Rather than calmly responding to a protester, candidates and their supporters feel perfectly free to physically assault those who disagree with them. And we can lay a lot of the blame at the feet of Donald Trump, who has even commented that he would like to punch some protesters in the face.

A member of an NBC news team at the Rubio event tweeted out:

Rubio, attempting to regain control of the event, remarked:

“This world is growing more dangerous—and apparently, so is this rally.”

As the protester was led from the auditorium, Rubio made a joke in which he tried to take a shot at Trump:

“Ladies and gentlemen, the valedictorian of Trump University.”

Considering that Rubio will very likely lose his home state of Florida tomorrow when Super Tuesday takes place, it seems Marco is awfully jovial for a man who doesn’t appear to have much of a future.

Here’s a video of the Virginia rally. The altercation takes place at about the 7:20 mark:

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Politics WTF?!

WATCH: Trump’s Sons Say They Will Gladly Pay For Black Celebs To Leave Country When Their Dad Is Elected

Never has the expression, “Like father, like son” been more accurate than when it’s applied to Donald Trump’s eldest sons, Don, Jr. and Eric, who are quite clearly chips off the old block. And not in a good sense, either. They reflect their father in all the wrong ways.

While appearing on Fox News earlier this morning, the two sons were discussing their father’s chances on Super Tuesday, when 12 states will hold primaries. Eric Trump had this to say about the recent attacks from other Republican contenders on his daddy:

“You know, it’s sad to see. We love our father. He’s an amazing guy — he would do such an unbelievable job for this country. He’s an amazing businessman, he’s an amazing negotiator. He’s funding himself, right?”

Perhaps we can go ahead and get the ball rolling as we nominate the Donald for sainthood, Eric. Why not call Pope Francis and see what he says? Oh, I see: the Pope isn’t taking your calls. Gee, imagine that!

Then the co-host of “Fox and Friends,” Ainsley Earhardt, noted that not everyone is a fan of the elder Trump, and she showed clips of celebrities Al Sharpton, Raven-Symone, and Whoopi Goldberg saying they would leave country if Trump manages to reach the White House. This prompted Donald Trump, Jr. to snidely remark:

“I’ll buy them their airfare. I’m more than happy to chip in.”

He was joined by Eric Trump, who said the comments from black celebrities might be “the greatest endorsement ever.” That brought out this bit of nonsense from Trump, Jr.:

“Those are endorsements for Trump. That’s the thing — when you have the establishment people in the debates, and they stack the debates with a thousand people that are all booing, those are votes for us. Because the people in the audience watching at home are like, ‘Wait a minute — he’s saying what I’m thinking.’ I love that. That’s as good an endorsement as we could possibly get.”

Much like the endorsements your father has gotten from neo-Nazi groups and former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, Junior? Clearly, the Trump sons think their father’s strategy of attempting to conquer by dividing this country into warring factions will lead to victory. But they are wrong, and will be proven wrong when November rolls around, if not sooner.

In case you want to see the Trump sons on Fox News, here’s the video:


JUST IN: Evidence Uncovered Shows Marco Rubio Lied About Life Story, Parents Left BEFORE Castro

Marco Rubio’s life story is composed of the kind of dreamlike images which are filled with the twists, turns, and ultimate success that is so emblematic of what we consider when someone talks about “the American Dream.” But is that story diminished when the basic facts of it turn out to be nothing more than fiction, a tale told by a politician with a burning desire to appeal to a specific demographic group?

Here’s the story as Rubio tells it on the stump and at debates: He calls himself a “son of exiles,” and the goes on to remark that his parents left Cuba so they could escape the harsh realities of life in the island nation after Fidel Castro came to power. Castro, Rubio also likes to say when he recalls the story of his parents leaving Cuba, is a “thug.”

But the Washington Post begs to differ. After doing extensive research which included looking at naturalization papers and other official records, the Post says that in fact the Rubios left Cuba fully two-and-a-half years before Castro ever came to power.

Now there is little doubt that Rubio’s parents had good reasons for immigrating, if only because they wanted a better life for themselves and their children. There is nothing wrong with wanting the best for yourself and your children. But if those are the facts, then why manufacture a counter-narrative that is not supported by the truth?

And all of this speaks to a much larger question about the Florida Senator: Is he, as he accuses others of doing, merely saying what is politically expedient for him? Does he do this in order to claim a kinship with the thousands of other Cuban emigres in the state he represents in Congress? And if one lies in order to form a bond, doesn’t that bond then become false and even non-existent?

Marco Rubio, it would appear, is nothing but a political hack who will spin any tall tale or lie any calculated falsehood in order to advance himself as he seeks the highest office in the United States. Worse, his actions and his words prove something far more troubling: For if a man will lie about the most basic facts of his life–which are easily disproven–is there anything that man will not lie about?

Here’s Senator Rubio in 2015 talking about his family’s experience with the issue of immigration:

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Just Got His A*s Handed To Him On Fox News

One of the things that is most annoying about Ted Cruz is that he’s a whiny little crybaby punk who loves to lie about everything. Face it, the guy is a smarmy sack of human excrement who should be forcibly placed back into whatever cesspool he crawled out of.

Further evidence of this was provided by Teddy Boy earlier this morning on the “Fox News Sunday,” when Chris Wallace told the Texas Senator:

“Your campaign has been involved in a series of incidents that people are calling dirty tricks. In Iowa, the Cruz campaign sent out tweets saying Ben Carson was suspending his campaign. That was false. The campaign put out fliers accusing people of voting violations, that was false. In South Carolina, a Cruz super PAC attacked Trump over the Confederate flag.”

Wallace then continued, perfectly framing the case against Cruz:

“And your then-communications director posted a link this week accusing Rubio of disrespecting the Bible. That was false. Do you take personal responsibility — this was your campaign except for the super PAC — do you take personal responsibility for this series of incidents? And what does it say about the culture of the campaign you are running.”

Cruz, reverting again to his liar liar pants on fire mode, declared that “every accusation” Wallace had just made was “incorrect,” and then he added, like the smartmouthed whiner he will always be:

“I appreciate your reading the Donald Trump attack file on that.”

But Wallace was more than equal to Cruz’s sarcastic challenge, telling him:

“Oh, come on, sir. Wait a minute, sir. You personally apologized to Ben Carson on a debate stage.”

Whiny baby Cruz attempted to regain control of the interview by saying:

“Chris, don’t interrupt me.”

To his credit, Wallace did not relent, continuing to make the case that Cruz is a snake-oil selling con man who will say or do anything to advance his political career. And Wallace also told Cruz he didn’t appreciate being called a liar on his own show:

“Don’t accuse me of doing something I didn’t do. Two of those things, you apologized for one and you fired your communications director. Don’t say this is the oppo file.”

Rather than answer the questions Wallace had raised, Cruz whined even more:

“You didn’t ask Donald Trump about the robocalls that went out from a white supremacist group supporting Donald Trump. When it comes to telling the truth and not telling the truth, you didn’t ask Donald Trump about in the last debate, I asked him, true or false, you support socialized medicine, the government paying for your health care. He said false and it’s directly contrary to what he said for 20 years on the record.”

But Wallace finally shut down the reptilian Cruz with this perfectly timed line:

“If you want to ask him those questions. Guess what, you’ll get the opportunity at the Fox debate on Thursday.”

Watch Chris Wallace Lay a Whoopin’ on Teddy Boy Cruz:

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GOP Whining Politics

BOMBSHELL: Trump Lying About Tax Returns, IRS Says (Video)

One of the main bones of contention at this week’s GOP debate in Houston was why Donald Trump, the current Republican front-runner, refuses to release his tax returns. Both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio used that issue to hint that Trump is not at all trustworthy and the returns might, as 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney commented, contain a “bombshell.”

Trump insists the reason for his not releasing his returns is because he’s in the process of being audited by the IRS. Specifically, Trump said that he is being audited and that the audit goes back “four or five years.”

The real estate mogul also attempts to make it seem as if he would indeed show his tax returns to the world, but he cannot because the IRS will not allow him to. But yesterday the current IRS Commissioner, John Koskinen, addressed that matter:

Yes, Commissioner Koskinen did indeed report that:

“The taxpayer controls his returns. There’s nothing in IRS audit process generally that would keep you from sharing that information any way you wanted to.”

In other words, Donald Trump is lying yet again.

And on the whole matter of Trump saying that the audit he is undergoing goes back “four or five years,” the IRS once again says that Trump is indeed a liar liar whose pants are on fire. Audits almost never go back more than three years. They note:

“Generally, the IRS can include returns filed within the last three years in an audit. Additional years can be added if a substantial error is identified.”

Did you catch that? “Substantial error is identified.” In other words, if Trump is indeed being audited for more than three years prior, then it’s because the IRS has found something that requires much closer scrutiny. And such a fact, were it to be made public, would indeed, as Mitt Romney said, be one hell of a bombshell.

Either way, Trump is lying. If he is indeed being audited beyond the three-year customary audit, then it is entirely likely he has filed a bogus return and will have to answer for that. If he isn’t being audited beyond three years, then saying “four or five” is the lie. And his shell game of trying to make it seem the IRS won’t let him disclose the tax statements is also, as the IRS Commissioner clearly stated, also not factual in the least.

So let’s be perfectly clear and unambiguous, quite unlike Mr. Trump: Donald J. Trump is a serial liar and does not want to show us his tax returns because he knows to do so would sink his chances of being the GOP nominee.

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