Here Are Four Things Marco Rubio Is Hoping Voters Never Find Out About

Many political experts are saying that Florida Senator Marco Rubio was one of the big winners at the last GOP debate. From his deft handling of criticisms issued by Jeb Bush regarding his missing so many votes in the Senate to his strong rhetoric about the questions asked by the panel, Rubio seemed to have a breakout performance.

But he also attempted to swat away a line of questioning about his financial mismanagement over the years, calling them “discredited attacks.”

However, Poltifact had this to say about Rubio’s quick dismissal of the queries into his lack of money skills:

“Rubio’s response was to dismiss all of Quick’s examples as partisan smear tactics: ‘Well, you just listed a litany of discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents, and I’m not gonna waste 60 seconds detailing them all.’ He then went on to detail his blue-collar upbringing with immigrant parents. The response made us pause, because we wondered what had been “discredited” about Rubio’s widely reported financial mishaps. In this context, ‘discredited’ means the things Quick said are not true or accurate.”

But Rubio has at least four skeletons in his closet which will no doubt come to light as his competitors begin to turn up the heat on him. And should Rubio wind up as the GOP nominee, these four facts could well give voters second thoughts about entrusting the Senator with the finances of the largest economy in the world. No doubt the Senator was hoping these facts had never sufaced:

1. When he was in the Florida legislature, Rubio commingled his personal finances with the finances of his political committees. An investigation found that Rubio paid his wife Jeanette $5,700 for “gas and meals” while giving his relatives another $14,000.

2. Rubio also charged thousands of dollars worth of restaurant meals to a credit card issued to him by the Republican Party of Florida while the cost of his meals was being covered by Florida taxpayers. That is called double billing.

3. Rubio bought a house in Tallahassee, Florida, with his friend state Rep. David Rivera. Rivera failed to make mortgage payments on the house, and was then sued by Deutsche Bank for $136,000 as foreclosure proceedings began, soon to be stopped by a quick payment from Rivera. Rivera ended up in an ethics investigation and Rubio nationally. 

4. Rubio liquidated a $68,000 retirement fund in 2014, costing himself thousands and taxes and penalties – apparently because he needed access to the cash despite his $174,000 Senate salary. When he was asked about this by Fox News, Rubio said he needed the money to replace an air conditioning unit and for “college” for his children (his oldest child is 15, the others are 13, 10, and 8).

And now this guy wants to be handed the keys to a $17 trillion economy? I wouldn’t trust him to balance my checkbook!

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Gun Crime Gun Nuts

WATCH: This Incredible PSA Shows The Ignorance Of Pro-Gun Arguments (Video)

As I have written on several occasions, I was raised around guns and taught to respect them. But I do not think that means that everyone has a right to own a gun, nor do I think they should be openly carried as if they are some kind of status symbol or emblem of redneck pride.

The video below was produced by the group Girl Pants Productions, and it perfectly captures the madness of the pro-gun argument, especially in light of how many mass shootings we see on the news on a weekly basis.

So as you watch this, keep in mind that 31 Americans are murdered by guns each and every day in the United States. And yet the Congress refuses to consider something as logical as universal background checks and not allowing the sale of guns at gun shows without an extensive check on the purchaser.

It is long past time for change. But for now, all we can do is continue to make the facts known and pray that sanity will prevail one day.

Watch the PSA

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Abuse of Power Police in America WTF?!

Judge Grants Immunity To Cop Who Shot Unarmed Black Man ‘Execution Style’

After waiting two long years for justice to be done, the family of Larry Jackson, Jr. was hoping to see Detective Charles Kleinert, the Texas police officer they believe executed their loved one in cold blood, put on trial for manslaughter next week.

Instead, Kleinert has been granted total immunity from prosecution by a federal judge.

This entire nightmare began for the Jackson family began on the morning July 26 2013, when Larry Jackson, Jr., a 32-year-old married father-of-four went to his local bank in Austin, Texas. At the time, the bank was on lockdown because of a robbery. Detective Kleinert said he considered Jackson a suspect and told him to stay put. But for some reason, Jackson began running away.

Kleinert then commandeered the car of a woman who was a customer at the bank, ordering her to drive as they pursued Jackson. The woman, Regina Bethune, recalls:

“(Kleinert) was breathless and agitated and yelled, ‘Go go go’ and ‘follow him’ multiple times. He seemed very out of control and highly agitated. I was uncertain if he was really a police officer or not. I realize that either way I needed to remain calm and help him try to calm down. He did not identify himself any further once in the car. He did not tell me his name or offer any explanation as to what was going on.”

Within minutes, Kleinert caught up with the unarmed Mr. Jackson, and the Jackson family attorney, Adam Loewy, tells what the family alleges happened then:

“(Kleinert) never claims that Larry attacked him. The forensic evidence shows that Larry was on his hands and knees and the gun was at the back of his neck. Execution style.”

Jackson was pronounced dead of a single bullet wound to the back of his head. Shot execution style, as if he had been the victim of a Mafia hit.

Yet despite all of the overwhelming evidence against Detective Kleinert, he will not face any legal consequences. Why? Because a federal judge has ruled Kleinert is immune from prosecution. As the Washington Post reported:

“The ruling by U.S. District Judge Lee Yeakel cites a little known 1889 case that determined federal agents can be granted immunity from state criminal charges and undoes one of a handful of indictments handed down to police officers out of the thousands of fatal police shootings that have occurred in recent years.”

Even Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg said in a statement that the judge’s ruling was ridiculous:

“I am totally dismayed by today’s federal court action. With this federal court action dismissing the case, it appears that an Austin Police Department officer can be assigned to a federal task force and avoid prosecution in state court.”

No doubt you’ve heard the expression that no one is above the law. But apparently some people now are.

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Reproductive RIghts in America

Judge Blocks Alabama’s Attempt To Defund Planned Parenthood, Blasts GOP War On Women

Alabama, like many states controlled by the Republican Party, recently attempted to defund Planned Parenthood when now-discredited videos were released which purported to show that the women’s healthcare provider had accepted money for providing fetal tissue for research.

But U.S. District Judge Myron Thompson has now dealt the powers-that-be in Alabama a stinging rebuke for their efforts to shut down Planned Parenthood, issuing a 66-page ruling that calls the GOP out for their continued War on Women.  Judge Thompson wrote that Alabama had failed to identify a single legal reason why they could or should cut funding to Planned Parenthood. He also wrote that by attempting to shut down the clinics, Republican lawmakers were violating the “free-choice-of-provider” provision of the Medicaid Act.

Thompson also noted that in closing these clinics, women would have significantly fewer options for healthcare in the state, and that Governor Robert Bentley’s administration had failed to cite a single reason for why they had taken the action against Planned Parenthood.

The judge also pointed out that none of the clinics in Alabama that do perform abortions–and there are very few of them–do not even participate in “fetal-tissue donations,” writing:

“The parties do not dispute that no employee or representative of Planned Parenthood Southeast is depicted in these videos and that PPSE does not participate in fetal-tissue donation, and never has.”

So yet again we see a judge making it clear that state efforts to withdraw money from an important provider of women’s healthcare will be ruled illegal and cannot proceed. No doubt this will enrage the GOP and only lead to increased calls for more legislative action against Planned Parenthood.

But here is the bottom line that no Republican can possibly hope to deny: They will to any lengths to make it impossible for women to exercise their Constitutionally guaranteed right to choose. Even if that means lying and attempting to smear an organization that only seeks to help provide much-needed services to women across the country.

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This Video Proves That Ben Carson Lied To America’s Face In The GOP Debate

The day after a debate is always a busy one for the media, especially when so many incorrect things are said by the candidates. But last night’s debate will be keeping us all busy for weeks to come.

Ben Carson, who has recently overtaken Donald Trump as the frontrunner for the 2016 GOP nomination, was asked last night about his connection to Mannatech, a medical supplement company. More specifically, the good doctor was asked about how endorsing their product reflected on his judgement, since Mannatech was under government investigation for wrongdoing.

Carson’s response: He said he was merely a fan of Mannatech’s products, but vehemently denied any other connection to the company.

This is a big fat honking lie, and Carson had to have known that. See, Dr. Carson has shamelessly promoted and stumped for Mannatech, even making a video for them which you can view below.

In the video, Carson praises Mannatech, saying:

“The wonderful thing about a company like Mannatech is that they recognize that when God made us, He gave us the right fuel. And that fuel was the right kind of healthy food.”

And Carson also spoke on the company’s behalf. As the National Journal reports:

“Carson’s interactions with Mannatech, a nutritional-supplement company based in suburban Dallas, date back to 2004, when he was a speaker at the company’s annual conferences, MannaFest and MannaQuest. He also spoke at Mannatech conferences in 2011 and 2013, and spoke about ‘glyconutrients’ in a PBS special as recently as last year.”

And Mannatech has had numerous complaints and legal problems over the years:

“In 2004 a woman sued Mannatech while alleging that a company salesman had shared nude photos of her son who had Tay-Sachs disease and had taken their supplements, claiming that it had helped him gain weight. The same salesman was also accused of writing in a medical journal that the supplements had helped the child while he had already passed away. In the lawsuit it was also alleged that the company used photos of the child on its website to promote its products, ‘with the clear inference that [the boy] was alive and doing well some seven years after his actual death.’”

Additionally, Mannatech was also sued by the Texas attorney general. The company was accused of deceptive marketing that exaggerated the health benefits of its supplements. Mannatech paid a $4 million settlement and admitted no wrongdoing.

So now we see that Dr. Carson is nothing but a lying shill who will say or do anything on behalf of a big company. In other words, he’s a typical Republican.

Watch Dr. Carson Promote Mannatech

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