Ben Carson Says The Media Tricked Blacks Into Voting For Democrats

Ben Carson has now added media critic to his resume.

Speaking to conservative radio commentator Mike Gallagher on Gallagher’s podcast, Carson asserted that the media has “manipulated” African-Americans by using polarization to control how different groups think politically.

Oh my gosh! They’re controlling our minds now! I knew it would happen one day!

Carson told Gallagher:

“American blacks over the course of this next year will begin to see that they’ve been manipulated, very, very largely. More and more, I’m finding, are thinking for themselves and are recognizing what really works for them and for their communities. I believe that is a dynamic that is in the process of changing.”

And this not the first time Dr. Carson has said the media is to blame for the problems which exist in America. Shortly after he made his controversial comments regarding whether or not a Muslim should be allowed to serve as President of the United States, Carson blamed “PC culture” in the media for the firestorm he ignited with his remarks.

This is part of a much larger worldview for Ben Carson. He is also a big fan of John Bircher W. Cleon Skousen, whose work has been a critical underpinning for the wacko rantings of Glenn Beck.

In a 2014 interview, Carson declared that Marxist forces had been using liberals and the mainstream media to destroy the United States:

“There is a book called The Naked Communist. It was written in 1958. Cleon Skousen lays out the whole agenda, including the importance of getting people into important positions in the mainstream media so they can help drive the agenda. Well, that’s what’s going on now.”

And a mere four months later, while appearing on Fox News, Carson asserted:

“There was a guy who was a former CIA agent by the name of Cleon Skousen who wrote a book in 1958 called The Naked Communist, and it laid out the whole agenda. You would think by reading it that it was written last year—showing what they’re trying to do to American families, what they’re trying to do to our Judeo-Christian faith, what they’re doing to morality. The Naked Communist lays out the whole progressive plan. It is unbelievable how fast it has been achieved.”

So as you can clearly see, Ben Carson may like to pretend to be the voice of reason in comparison with other GOP candidates such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, but he is nothing more than a right wing conspiracy theorist who believes the opposition is out to destroy his beloved country.

Back in the 1950s, Joseph McCarthy said the “commies” were trying to take over the United States by being in positions of power within the government. And now we have Ben Carson carrying that same crap around while he seeks to achieve the White House.

In the GOP, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

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KKK Member Tells The BBC That Auschwitz Was A ‘Summer Camp’ For Jews (Video)

I’ve long maintained that the most objectionable form of ignorance is what is best known as willful ignorance. In other words, the kind of stupidity where a person knows the truth but chooses to pretend it doesn’t exist.

The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) is famous for being willfully ignorant, and now a crew from the BBC has discovered just how out of touch this domestic terrorist group truly is.

After the murders of nine people by white supremacist Dylann Roof at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, the BBC negotiated with a KKK chapter in Alabama so they could get a more in-depth look at hate groups in America.

BBC Three’s documentary “KKK: The Fight for White Supremacy,” aired on Monday, and it follows members of the Klan as they begin preparations for what they claim is a coming race war.

In one of the most chilling scenes found in the documentary, a Klan member comments on a photo of Adolf Hitler which is displayed prominently on the wall:

“Adolf Hitler, he was one of the smartest men there ever was. The so-called concentration camps like Auschwitz and so forth, they say they were death camps. But these death camps, they gave the so-called people that were being killed cigarettes, there was coffee, there was a movie theater, a library, even a swimming pool in Auschwitz. And if you’re going to sit there and kill all these people then how come all these things would be in there? It’s more like a summer camp.”

The BBC interviewer is clearly stunned, and he asks:

“Sorry. You’re telling me Auschwitz was like a summer camp?”

To which the KKK moron replies:

“Well, they had a swimming pool, a movie theater and everything else. You know, you don’t see in prisons today any kind of swimming pool being in the middle of the prison hall.”

So what does this incredibly ignorant man think Jews were doing at Auschwitz? Simple:

“Swimming. And working. Because they didn’t want to do any work, and what Hitler was trying to do was he was trying to teach them to work, trying to rehabilitate them, if you will.”

And where exactly did he learn this bogus information?

“It’s all history.”

It’s not in any of the history books I read in school. It’s not what even the Germans say happened at Auschwitz, either.

In today’s world, with this kind of willful ignorance of truth and history, it is more important than ever for us to confront such denial. For as George Santayana wrote with perfect clarity:

“Those who cannot remember the past, are condemned to repeat it.”

Watch a Trailer for the BBC Documentary on the Klan

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Black Lives Matter Activist On Jeb Bush: ‘He Hasn’t Earned The Stuff That He Has’

It would appear that Jeb Bush is genetically predisposed to saying things that guarantee he will never be President of the United States.

Perfect example: He planted his foot deeply in his mouth with comments on how he planned to present his message to African-American voters, claiming that he would not just offer them freebies:

“Our message is one of hope and aspiration. It isn’t one of division and get in line and we’ll take care of you with free stuff. Our message is one that is uplifting — that says you can achieve earned success.”

Well now someone is taking Jeb to task for that comment: Black Lives activist DeRay Mckesson, who was on theNightly Show Monday evening. Mckesson said Bush has ignored his own privileged background and history:

“If free means you’ve gotten something you haven’t paid for, he comes from a legacy — he hasn’t earned the stuff that he has.”

This prompted Nightly Show host Larry Wilmore to query panelists on why they thought black voters were perceived as having a “quid pro quo” arrangement with the Democratic party. To which Mckesson replied:

“What we’ve seen from the Republicans is that they haven’t talked about race beyond immigration, that there’s, like, literally no language there yet. They talk as if history just didn’t exist. They, like, sort of start history where they want it to, in a way that erases all the people that pay with their lives. Nothing has been free. I think that all the people who died, who were the enslaved and everybody else, wouldn’t say that any of this would be free.”

Mckesson also said members of the Black Lives Matter movement have met with Bernie Sanders and will meet with Hillary Clinton soon. As for the GOP, he remarked:

“Hopefully we’ll be meeting with the staff of the (Republican National Committee), as well.”

The panel also touched on recent comments made by Ben Carson regarding a Muslim being President of the United States. Mckesson noted:

“They talk about, like, God, family and country — but it’s God until it’s about poor people, it’s family until family is, like, same-sex and inclusive, and it’s country until it involves black people. “

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Welcome To Karmaland, Carly! Backdrop Comes Crashing Down On Fiorina During Speech

While she was in San Antonio, Texas, last night, Carly Fiorina was doing her usual routine of telling as many lies as she could think of about what a great CEO she was (wrong!) and Planned Parenthood videos that don’t exist.

And the Karma with a capital K showed up and gave Carly some payback.

Shortly after Fiorina took to the stage and began to speak, the backdrop behind her began swaying and then collapsed, part of it landing on the failed Hewlett-Packard chief executive.

Fiorina seemed shaken by the incident, which was immediately reported on Twitter by a Julie Fine of NBC5:

Ms. Fiorina was not injured. One person in the crowd shouted out the name, “Trump!” and that prompted the smug Fiorina to comment:

“Trump, Hillary, it could have been lots of people.”

Yeah, you forgot to mention karma coming back to say hello for the massive lies that you’ve been telling ever since you announced your candidacy, Carly.

Later in the speech, Fiorina, according to Julie Fine, made this remark which is enough to chill anyone’s blood:

Carly, you aren’t even tough enough to find the truth and tell people that. The truth of how you nearly drove your company into bankruptcy. The truth of how you never saw a gruesome video from Planned Parenthood. The truth of your continued attempt to mislead every person you see on the campaign trail.

Keep stacking those lies atop one another, Carly, and pretty soon they’ll all come tumbling down. Kinda like that backdrop did.

Watch the Karma Catch Up With Carly

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GOP Insiders Say Three More Candidates Are Preparing To Drop Out…But Which Three?

Now that Rick Perry and Scott Walker have dropped out of the GOP race for the White House in 2016, speculation has begun as to who might be the next to fall. And GOP insiders have a list of three they say are very close to running out of money, which will spell doom for their campaigns.

The three mentioned most often as likely to drop out next are former New York Governor George Pataki (who?!), Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (he of the charisma of a rotting log), and possibly even Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Jindal in particular has been unable to generate any interest, and an Iowa Republican official told Politico:

“He’s become desperate. He’s taken to attacking Trump and has nothing going on here in Iowa.”

In New Hampshire, GOP insiders report that Pataki is the name that never gets mentioned when polling is done:

“There comes a point when his irrelevance becomes crystal clear even to him.”

As for Senator Paul, he is also attempting to run a difficult race to keep his Senate seat in 2016, and having his attention divided between Kentucky and the campaign for the White might well doom his chances, a New Hampshire Republican in the know told Politico:

“Rand Paul’s campaign [reeks] of the same stench of death that surrounded the Perry and Walker efforts before their demise. Paul’s polling is anemic, his fundraising is lagging, his campaign is disorganized and he is in danger of getting bumped off the main debate stage. He also has to consider when it’s time to cut bait and focus on running for reelection to the Senate. His time is running short.”

So it would appear that the clown car is about to get less crowded. It remains to be seen if that will add to or detract from the level of lunacy we have already witnessed.

h/t Politico

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